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Opening of the season! A study of the 2nd Stanza, the 2nd Sloka of the Secret Doctrine by HPB.


Matter is the Matrix and the carrier of the Grain of the Spirit, Laya centers and the Higher Will, the Santana of Eternity and True Love, The Fabric of Light and the Potentiality of the Nature of the Mind, inner space and the birth of the Seven, the Spirit as the smelter of Matter, Aditi and the Fiery Substance, the Atom of the Universe and psychic Life, the Fabric of Light and the retina of the Eye, the Dukkar Umbrella and the spread of the Teaching, the essence of the three properties of the Logos and much more


Primordial Substance and unconditional Love, Matripadma and susceptibility to fohatic typos, the Power of the Cause and the Grain of the Spirit, Anima Mundi and aspects of Undifferentiated Matter, the overthrow of the Ray as three into four, the Pythagorean Triangle and the structure of the Universe, the Fourth state of the Embryo as the Aura body of the Universe and the Future Heart, Adam Kadmon and Sevenfold, Ein Sof and overcoming Emptiness, Symbols and mystery, Knowledge of the Highest Truth, the Highest Astral Light, Mind and Heart of God etc.