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Academic season 2024-2025 for representatives of the fields of science, education, culture, students and teachers of universities of humanities and natural sciences. Educational methodology, transformation of new information from scientific research developments of ancient, Eastern and Western philosophy in synthesis with natural science, theosophical and humanitarian knowledge.

The presented topics are based on research developments on the materials of the works of: H.P. Blavatsky, in particular, "The Secret Doctrine"; the Roerich family; Pythagoras; Plato; Origen; Tibetan philosopher, thinker and reformer of Tibetan Buddhism Je Tsongkapa.


Teaching methodology, transformation of new information of research developments of ancient, eastern and western philosophy in synthesis with natural-scientific, theosophical and humanities knowledge.

The algorithm of conducting:

  • introductory part (introduction to the doctrine system)
  • the main part (aspects and methods of the system, methodological material, diagrams, tables, visualization of the "Secret Doctrine")
  • briefing (questions and answers)


  • Vladimir Yaryi - psychologist, head of the School of Theosophy (Moscow)
  • Evgenia Shaburnikova - is the projects coordinator of the Foundation for the Promotion of Socially Significant and Educational Activities "Theosophy" (Moscow)

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