The project "Olympiad of Culture" takes place within the framework of the Socially significant program "Day of Culture under the Banner of Peace"

The Day of Culture as a form uniting all categories of the population in cooperation and educational work is the unification of people for spiritual improvement, for creative and business cooperation. This is fertile ground for a wide manifestation of children's and youth creativity, the approval of the principles of peaceful coexistence of all peoples based on goodwill and mutual respect, raising responsibility for the safety and protection of human cultural creations, nurturing a sense of Beauty as a moral criterion in man’s thoughts, aspirations and actions.

The Day of Culture as a form uniting the creative participation of workers of culture, leisure, social and educational work, education, science, health, public organizations, enterprises, all people in the field of cultural construction. The Day of Culture, takes place one time at a time, and preparation for it should go on throughout the year.

- consolidation of organizational, intellectual, creative resources, establishment of the tradition of the unity of people, both individual creative individuals and organizations, in the upbringing of children and young people on the basis of Culture;

- the affirmation in the minds of people of the true meaning of Culture, as the worship of Light - of the spiritual principle, the basis of moral universal civil, patriotic, and spiritual - moral values;

- development of the cooperation and social partnership between ethnic groups of the population and intercultural dialogue, promotion of the development of public forms of communication, involving constructive dialogue, development of a positive life strategy and citizenship, primarily among the younger generation of the Russian Federation.

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