Video of the VII International Theosophical Congress
November 24, 25, 26, 2023 - Moscow, Russia

  • kongress2023
    Congress Opening Ceremony
  • The official greetings.
    The official greetings to the delegates of the VII International Theosophical Congress
  • Speakers.
    Presentations by the speakers
  • Award ceremony.
    International Scientific Symposium «The Secret Doctrine – the Book of the Third Millennium»
  • Круглый стол.
    The round table/briefing «Theosophy and society»
  • Award ceremony.
    Award ceremony for the winners of the Contests
  • Интервью с участниками Конгресса
    Interviews with Congress participants
  • Выступления победителей и номинантов.
    Performances of winners and nominees of special diplomas of the International Music Competition
  • kongress2023
    Premiere of the film "Beauty is the Garment of Truth. H.P. Blavatsky" (Chapter 5). By O.F. Martynov

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