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On November 26, on the third day of the VII International Theosophical Congress, for the first time a new format of the Round Table "Theosophy and Society" – a briefing with speakers and participants.

✔️ Round table "Theosophy and Society" — briefing with speakers on seven areas and topics (cultural studies/art, education/pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, history/Oriental studies, astrology, physics/natural sciences)

Live work in the present time with the participants of the Congress - 7 speakers, 7 rays, 7 directions, 7 topics, 7 round tables, 7 participants at each table, 7 questions to each speaker in the following areas: cultural studies/art, history/Oriental studies, astrology, education/pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, physics/natural sciences.

This is an opportunity to express and implement the idea of the development of theosophy in society, discuss problems, identify solutions and interactions.

♻️ Live broadcast of the Congress with simultaneous translation into Russian and English will be carried out in 30 countries of the world.

✔️ Following the results of the Congress and the Scientific Symposium, the Congress Journal is published in printed and electronic versions in Russian and English, read the Congress Journal (PDF) 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

✔️ The speakers' articles will also be published in the popular science magazine of the International Publishing House "Albatros"

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The round table/briefing «Theosophy and society»

Photos of the round table Winner of the "Best Question to the Speaker" contest

Program of the round table (PDF)

Directions of the Round Table "Theosophy and Society"

  1. Cultural Studies/Art (orange)
  2. History/Oriental Studies (purple)
  3. Astrology (red)
  4. Philosophy (yellow)
  5. Education/Pedagogy (blue)
  6. Psychology (blue)
  7. Physics/Natural Sciences (green)