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On November 26, on the third day of the VII International Theosophical Congress, for the first time a new format of the Round Table "Theosophy and Society" – a briefing with speakers and participants.

✔️ Round table "Theosophy and Society" — briefing with speakers on seven areas and topics (cultural studies/art, education/pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, history/Oriental studies, astrology, physics/natural sciences)

Live work in the present time with the participants of the Congress - 7 speakers, 7 rays, 7 directions, 7 topics, 7 round tables, 7 participants at each table, 7 questions to each speaker in the following areas: cultural studies/art, history/Oriental studies, astrology, education/pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, physics/natural sciences.

This is an opportunity to express and implement the idea of the development of theosophy in society, discuss problems, identify solutions and interactions.

♻️ Live broadcast of the Congress with simultaneous translation into Russian and English will be carried out in 30 countries of the world.

✔️ Following the results of the Congress and the Scientific Symposium, the Congress Journal is published in printed and electronic versions in Russian and English, read the Congress Journal (PDF) 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

✔️ The speakers' articles will also be published in the popular science magazine of the International Publishing House "Albatros"


  1. Cultural Studies/Art (orange)
  2. History/Oriental Studies (purple)
  3. Astrology (red)
  4. Philosophy (yellow)
  5. Education/Pedagogy (blue)
  6. Psychology (blue)
  7. Physics/Natural Sciences (green)

From 11.00-13.30

  • briefing on directions — 7 zones, 7 speakers, 7 round tables, 7 participants at each table
  • each table is distributed by color, 7 cards with questions of participants are prepared for each speaker - online, each of the 7 participants of the table can ask their question to the speaker.

I. Inclusion in the live broadcast with simultaneous translation into English and Russian, each table alternately, the speaker's team of each of the seven directions / topics. Demonstration of the live work of the briefing, speaker (presentation), question/answer, teamwork, discussion, etc. (15 min. for each round table )

II. General inclusion in the live broadcast of the "Cross-question-answer". The goal is the interaction of directions, spheres of science in the general context of the Round Table "Theosophy and Society", cooperation, development and prospects of each direction in synthesis.

  • a question from one table to another, which the speaker and the team may not have been able to answer, or the question turned out to be on a related topic, or the team wants a detailed answer with knowledge of another direction from the seven zones. So the interaction of all 7 zones, 7 speakers, 7 teams will take place. Timing (5 min. for each round table)

Coffee break 13.30-15.00


Presentation of each speaker, summing up the briefing, formation of ideas in the way of interaction, long-term plans for the development of society, the foundations as the foundation of the science of the future. (20 min. for each of the 7 zones, 7 speakers.)

1. Cultural Studies/Art (orange) – speaker Kazarnovskaya Lyubov Yuryevna - Professor, Artistic Director of the Department of ISI (Institute of Contemporary Art), Artistic Director of the Department of Academic Vocals of the College named after G. Vishnevskaya, Public Figure (Russia, Moscow).

Participants: Daniele Bucci - musicologist, pianist (Italy), Sergeyen Timur - Professor of special piano, LUCA School of Arts, winner of the Platinum Medal of the French Academic Society "Arts-Sciences-lettres" for a long artistic career (Belgium), Jeffrey Yunek, PhD, Associate Professor of Music Theory Kennesaw State University (USA, Marietta), Anacleto Jose Manuel, President of the Lusitanian Center for Cultural Unity (Portugal), etc.

2. History/Oriental Studies (purple) - Speaker Sergey Alekseevich Frenchov — Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Chief Researcher of the Department of Near and Middle East of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Department of Semitology and Hebraistics of the Oriental Faculty of St. Petersburg State University (Russia, St. Petersburg).

Participants: Areg Mehakyan – Head of the Sector of the Department of Scientific Work of the A.N. Scriabin Memorial Museum. Philosopher, theologian, orientalist. He studied theology and religious studies at YSU, philosophy at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Sanskrit and Indian philosophy at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, etc.

3. Astrology (red) — speaker Alexander Ivanovich Hersonov, poet, journalist, popularizer of esotericism, author of the publication in the magazines "AIF. Moscow", "AIF. Health", "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", "Literary Russia", "The World through the Looking Glass", "Secrets of the twentieth century", "Urania", "The Age of Aquarius", "Miracles and Adventures", "The Sign of Fate", "The World of forecasts", "UFO", Author of the book "Star Secrets of Russia" Member of the Union of Journalists (Russia, Moscow)

Participant: Kepp Maria Vadimovna - astrologer, S.V. Shestopalov Astrological Academy (St. Petersburg), Vaibhav Sender, Postgraduate course in business administration in the field of oil and gas at UPES, author of 19 books, including "Dreams in the Occult" - Lulu Publishers, USA, "Heights Beyond Spirits" - Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, USA, "Correlation and Rationale - Perception of the Nuclear Triangle" Pakistan-China-India. Member of the Indian Institute of Defense and Strategic Affairs in New Delhi, District Head of the Federation of Astrologers in Lucknow, etc.

4. Philosophy (yellow) — speaker Kolganov Sergey Vitalievich Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Philosophy of the Moscow Aviation Institute (Russia, Moscow).

Participants: Un-Hak Hwan, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the School of Arts (South Korea, Seoul), Ganguli Taposhri, Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics (Statistics), Theosophical Society of England (Great Britain, London), Ulanov Mergen Sanjievich — Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies of Kalmyk State University (Elista, Kalmykia), Alexey Petrovich Cherneyevsky, PhD, Associate Professor (Russia, St. Petersburg), etc.

5. Education/Pedagogy (blue) – speaker Chernozemova Elena Nikolaevna, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Moscow Pedagogical State University (Moscow, Russia).

Participants: Chiryatyev Mikhail Nikolaevich, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Ecology and Human and Nature Safety Sciences, Advisor to the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, member of the Board of Trustees of the International Roerichs Memorial Trust in Kullu, India (Russia, St. Petersburg) and others.

6. Psychology (blue) - the candidate is being considered

Participants: Irina Y. Chilikina, Research psychologist, Voronezh State Technical University (Russia. Voronezh), Volnov Ilya Nikolaevich, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Technological Support of Education of Moscow Polytechnic University (Moscow, Russia), etc.

7. Physics/Natural Sciences (green) – Speaker Sergey P. Roshchupkin, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Higher School of Fundamental Physical Research of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Russia, St. Petersburg).

Participants: Foster Michelina, PhD in Metaphysics, member of the Theosophical Society (USA, California), Turley Egor Vladimirovich, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Russia, Moscow), etc.