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General description:
The content of the Seminar is based on scientific research developments of ancient, Eastern and Western philosophy in synthesis with natural science, theosophical and humanitarian knowledge. The presented topics are based on scientific research based on the works of: H.P. Blavatsky, in particular, the "Secret Doctrine"; the Roerichs family; Pythagoras; Plato; Origen; the Tibetan philosopher, thinker and reformer of Tibetan Buddhism Jae Tsongkhapa.

Preview of the Seminar:
The proposed topics introduce knowledge of evolutionary development, reveal a more in-depth understanding of the structure of the Universe, Cosmos, nature and man, contribute to the consolidation and clarification of new methodological aspects in the scientific system of evolution: "Secret Doctrine - synthesis of science, religion, philosophy", "Cosmogenesis, Anthropogenesis, Theogenesis", "Age psychology", "Laws Time", "Discipline of the Mind", "Laws of the Cosmos, Nature, Man", "Unified evolution of consciousnesses", "Evolution of the races of mankind", "Causality. Kalachakra", "Quantum transition. The quality of Time", "Mental energy, creative potential", "Elements, forces of nature and man", "Ecospiritual and biosphere", "Thinker and artificial intelligence", etc.

The algorithm of conducting:

  • introductory part (introduction to the doctrine system)
  • the main part (aspects and methods of the system, methodological material, diagrams, tables, visualization of the "Secret Doctrine")
  • briefing (questions and answers)


  • Vladimir Yaryi - psychologist, head of the School of Theosophy (Moscow)
  • Evgenia Shaburnikova - is the projects coordinator of the Foundation for the Promotion of Socially Significant and Educational Activities "Theosophy" (Moscow)

Who is interested?
Audience: representatives of the fields of science, education, culture, students and teachers of universities of the faculties of humanities and natural sciences: religious studies, cultural studies, Oriental studies, Tibetology, linguistics, historical, philosophical, psychological, philological, linguistics.

What's interesting?
Obtaining new information, educational methods of information transformation (diagrams/ tables), related work of clusters "Popular Science and esoteric literature, new editions of books, magazines", demonstration of the premiere of films "H.P. Blavatsky, visualization of the "Secret Doctrine".

Geography of the project implementation Seminar "Evolution of consciousness" in the Russian Federation: Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Belokurikha, Yurga, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul, Chendek, Biysk, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Sochi, Zelenogorsk, Mongolia, Omsk, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg.

The condition of the event


  • transportation costs
  • accommodation
  • the work of the speakers

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Participants share their impressions:


Yekaterinburg (July 6. Ural House of Science and Technology)

"Personally, I don’t think that just anybody could dare to do such a difficult job. It's good that you two are together. I think that most people would be interested in listening to such an overview lecture on the Secret Doctrine. Learn about the main issues that this work is dedicated to — about the evolution of humanity in the main races, about Cosmic Laws, about the Teachers of humanity. I wish you strength, health, and success in your much-needed educational work. With deep respect for your work."

Sukhanova Inessa Petrovna

"Heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful, magical action that I attended. What a huge, painstaking, joyful, inspired work was carried out. Thank you for the opportunity to touch the highest cosmic knowledge. Thanks to this meeting, I received answers to the questions that worried me. Almost all the information was new and interesting for me. Thank you for bringing this bright knowledge to us, people. Thank you for coming and bringing your knowledge to us. I thank you for the example of wisdom, acceptance, understanding of the level of development of the person asking the question, and the value of the fact that, despite this, this knowledge excites him, beckons, he longs for knowledge. Thank you for the capacious, detailed answers, schemes, for the desire to bring the highest knowledge to us, for everything. I wish you good health, success in your research, good luck and good luck. Thank you for this gift! I will look forward to new meetings!"

Helena Petrovna Kokorina

"It’s the case when you just sit down to watch the beginning... and imperceptibly realize you’ve watched till the end. Awesome! Even those who did not want to listen at first, fell silent, listening to the Truth! Bravo!"

Natalia Alexandrovna Purse

"I would like to thank you for the seminar in Yekaterinburg within the framework of the Theosophical tour "Unified Evolution of Consciousnesses"! As a result of communication, questions and answers, we managed to understand better the Kalachakra calendar. The visualization of the seminar, which was accompanied by a conversation about the Dzyan Stanzas, helped to understand Cosmogenesis much better. In a completely new way, very complex topics were revealed more clearly: the evolution of indigenous races, differentiation, karma, cycles, etc. We need such seminars, and I would be happy to attend them in our city! Thank you very much for your work!"

Toropov Evgeny Feliksovich

Omsk (July 8. House of Unions)

"The theosophical seminar "Evolution of Consciousness" organized by theosophists from Moscow was held in Omsk. The topic was very interesting, like all theosophical science. It was very enlightening to listen to presentations when our brothers theosophists shared their interpretation of the topic based on their in-depth and long studies of "The Secret Doctrine" by HPB. The wonderful schemes of the Planes of Being and Kalachakra, developed by Vladimir Anatolyevich Bakanov, clearly illustrate and help to understand the quality of time that we live. They help us understand what is the task of each of us, what is the purpose in this incarnation. Bakanov at one time, traveling around the cities of Russia with theosophical seminars, gathered and united many caring people. We thank Evgenia Mikhailovna and Vladimir Vasilyevich, who are reviving this good tradition. What else can unite people who are looking for the Truth?! Only meetings with like-minded people! Good luck to you!"

Weaver Natalia Mikhailovna

"Thank you for visiting! Live communication is very important!"

Irina Gavrilovna Gordienko

"Thank you for bringing this knowledge to the world, for this difficult, but at the same time rewarding work. I still have an ambiguous feeling from the seminar. On the one hand, respect, on the other – dissatisfaction, but the fact that I got a great experience of sensory awareness is for sure. The knowledge that you conveyed at the seminar, I felt it on the plane of the mind, intellect. I also felt the flow of knowledge on the Soul plane, it was a real process of meditation."

Decyk Larisa Ivanovna

Kemerovo (July 10. Kuzbass State Scientific Library)

"Thank you for the meeting, explanations and atmosphere. I didn't want to leave! Come again!"

Larisa Mikhailovna Chervova

"I was at such a seminar for the first time. Despite the fact that there was a lot of incomprehensible terminology, but it was so interesting, exciting, everything was perceived in one breath! I regret that I did not start getting acquainted with such literature earlier, I had a great desire to study everything in detail. I will definitely attend such seminars! I am very grateful to you for coming!"

Tabakaeva Lyudmila Mikhailovna

"I have learned a lot of new things today, we are studying the Secret Doctrine in Prokopyevsk as a group. And you know, it was only at the seminar that I finally understood the meaning of the symbols. I have long been tormented by the question of where this point comes from, and what development it then has. And you have answered and clarified this very question to me. Thank you very much!"

Sharokolobova Vera Petrovna

"You are a real Mover of the new! They stirred up our swamp, gave an impulse for new work, understanding and movement! Don't stop! We are very grateful to you for creating a special atmosphere, and people have the opportunity to immerse themselves in such energies. You are a sprout of Truth and Hope!"

Grebenshchikov Evgeny Alekseevich

"I want to thank you very much for your visit and performance. I have not heard such a convincing speech for a long time (never). And this applies to both of you. Probably, even in such a matter as theosophy, the person from whom knowledge comes is of great importance. I did not find any contradictions in our knowledge, on the contrary, many things have strengthened our understanding. I'm very glad. And most importantly, the spirit was filled with the power that I had not been able to awaken for a long time. I am grateful to you for your work, understanding, and carrying the Truth. And as you correctly noted, a real living person should serve as a transmitter, it is true. You do it. And, probably, you managed to see The Swifts in our city – it was amazing, wasn't it? So, these two events – your arrival and the performance of the pilots very, raised our spirits so much, and in general it will be a very significant and strong event for the whole city."

Orekhovskaya Evgeniya Vladimirovna

Krasnoyarsk (July 14. Training Center)

"I want to share my impressions of the seminar that I attended in Krasnoyarsk. Everything that I saw and heard is incomparable! The whole atmosphere and the energies we felt throughout the seminar were filled with solemnity, warmth and love. Many symbols and concepts were revealed. I am very grateful to the Higher Powers for the fact that I was given the opportunity by fate to know, see and learn from you. I am glad that the interest in this Knowledge does not pass among people, but, on the contrary, increases. Thank you so much for sharing and giving us this Knowledge in this simple form. With all my heart I am with you!"

Demina Elena Vitalievna

«Huge thanks to the presenters of the seminar Evolution of Consciousness! It was truly a Bright joyful day! For the first time saw the Kalachakra Calendar (created in Kemerovo), a wonderful orientation in the energies of the day presenters! I am glad, that theosophy of Blavatsky H.P. goes on the World, goes on simple Cities (remote places), through good conscious people! Thank you for coming to our city! They brought beautiful magazines, a calendar, and most importantly, the energy of Love, new consciousness!»

Mikhail Vasilyevich Minchenko

"Very difficult topics were raised at the Seminar. I was surprised that so much diversity fit, as if in one line, everything was perceived and combined perfectly. What an important work has been done for everyone who had the opportunity to attend the seminar. I thought that these topics should be given to students of our universities. Five hours of the seminar flew by unnoticed. I am very grateful to you for the discoveries that you managed to tell us"

Timofeeva Svetlana Valerianovna

"The Moscow School of Theosophy visited Krasnoyarsk in order to acquaint the interested and searching people with the works of H. P. Blavatsky and Y. N. Roerich. You have sown the seeds of knowledge, which means that you have created a reason for further study of this science. The seeds will germinate in our hearts and give their fruits by the time and according to the terms that are indicated in the Kalachakra – the calendar of time. I have heard a lot about the need to do everything on time, on time, that there are cosmic cycles for everything, but there was no knowledge of how to find them. The lecturers gave directions and showed the sources how to understand this, revealed the picture of the universe, the basics and essence of everything, outlined milestones on the way and landmarks. It remains only to generate aspiration and develop your own rhythm for comprehension on the ladder of evolution! I have no doubt that it is possible to organize such a Tour through so many cities only for those travelers who are led by Higher Forces and Hierarchy!"

Ivanova Tatyana Vitalievna

"Everything that was told about the Secret Doctrine and Agni Yoga is very clear. Kalachakra is still very difficult for me. I was directly struck by the idea you expressed that we need to finish with our laziness and start moving. I now hold this thought, and it helps me to live. Thank you very much for the opportunity to hear the main thing for oneself!"

Kadysheva Svetlana Vyacheslavovna

"The impressions from the seminar are positive. What I managed to hear and see was very useful and interesting. I would like to thank the organizers, speakers and other participants for this opportunity to communicate face-to-face, for detailed answers to questions, for new material to study. Thank you!"

Novoselov Nikolay Vladimirovich

Belokurikha (July 17. Altai State University)

"Why did I come to you? Because of all the Moscow, Russian, and foreign theosophists, you are the only couple who understands how important it is to combine Theosophy, Agni Yoga and the Teachings of the Temple. Thank you very much for showing such service and visiting all our cities, and I am very grateful that you came to us. I am very happy to be at the seminar. Thank you very much!"

Kadochkina Tatyana Lvovna

"A real event happened in Altai today! At the seminar, such topics were analyzed that gave a powerful and great idea – this is a new understanding of the whole direction. Today we are listening to such a flow of new information that has given an impetus to the realization and implementation of this great knowledge. Thank you very much!"

Sapoleva Svetlana Yuryevna

"All that we have heard today, is so difficult, but so interesting that I want to immerse myself in this topic, which was presented very beautifully today. The feeling of being in such beauty, in such purity and harmony was not leaving me for a second along the event. Most of all, I was struck by the fact that you gave such deep answers to the questions you asked, that your answers expanded the questions themselves from such sides and in such facets and colors that I did not even imagine and did not imagine. In general, I am delighted and very grateful, and I do not regret at all that I came to your seminar from another city. We invite you to Biysk, we will be very glad to see and hear you!"

Tatyana Romanenko

"I liked everything very much! So clear, clear, clear! And even what I had a vague idea about became clear – the most difficult thing was explained in a simple way!”

Mikhailova Evgeniya Mikhailovna

Jurga (July 27. Museum of Fine Arts of the Peoples of Siberia)

"It is amazing that I have certainly read a lot of Agni Yoga and the works of H. P. Blavatsky, but how completely new, so accurately and clearly you revealed the topics of the seminar today. For the first time, I realized how we can really apply this knowledge to our lives. I really liked the very method of presentation, schemes, geometry, correspondences – everything is perceived in a completely different way! We will be waiting for you again at our place! And we wish you that in all the cities where you will be, people will receive the same satisfaction and admiration!"

Ulyana Vasilyevna Koreneva

"We are very grateful to you for the seminar, we have heard so many good reviews, people so sincerely, openly express their impressions and opinions, and not only theosophists and Roerichs, but also museum employees, students, young people. Everyone showed great interest in the topics and the event itself, which took place in our city. Now those who did not get to your seminar are asking and we are trying to convey what we understood, to tell how everything was. Everyone who was at the seminar was struck by the knowledge, the volume that was given out briefly, accurately, harmoniously. The answers to the questions about the energies of the year, about Covid 19, questions of the ethics of life revealed the essence of the questions in a very unusual new way. A new powerful push was given, a spiritual impulse to the city. Thank you for promoting spiritual knowledge!"

Nina Nikolaevna Samylina

"I attended a seminar in Jurga! I was impressed by the seminar! How you talked about everything and with what expression, and it was the TRUTH of Life. I was crying, happy tears! Thank you! I will never forget this seminar!"

Kozlova Larisa Mikhailovna

Nizhny Novgorod (July 30. Library of Living Ethics)

"The meeting in Nizhny Novgorod was special, like a monologue of the soul, I listened, a Revelation."

Alexey Anatolyevich Kondratyev

"I am very glad to have met the Teachers and Students of the truth! Thank you for your endeavor!"

Sergey Pavlovich Orlov

"You are "Engineers of consciousness" – no one has ever managed “to pack” the idea of complex things in simple words, masterfully drawing a straight line in that set of disparate data that has accumulated over a lifetime. I am filled with gratitude for the work and actions that you are contributing to the creation of the Theosophical community in Russia and the world."

Zaitsev Artem Nikolaevich

“The seminar shed light upon the elements of the composition of consciousness in such a way that their reorientation occurred synthetically and abruptly, opening up new previously unknown and inaccessible hierarchical levels of Understanding and Freedom of the Spirit. Harmony and Light, Solemnity and Reverence were transformed from abstract concepts, from rational, mathematical models, schemes, functional elements into the living essence of Being. I thank you for the endless depth of understanding of esoteric science, presented so naturally and simply; for the subtle vibrations with which they filled and enlightened the Space at the seminar.”

Karlov Denis Olegovich

General feedback

"Thank you for your new lively thoughts, for your tremendous work that you have done this summer. I bow low to you for your work and for your inexhaustible energy, which unites all the theosophists of the world."

Mikhlina Larisa Petrovna

"A person with a capital letter is someone who, having comprehended more than others, can talk to these others according to their consciousness, without sticking out their "I", without basking in his own knowledge. Happy is the one who met you on his way!"

Natalia Alexandrovna Koshel

"What a busy July it was for the School of Theosophy this year! The Secret Doctrine has powerfully continued its march through Russia – this is grandiose! I bow low to you for this noble work. I listened to the recordings of all the seminars with great interest!"

Alla Alexandrovna Golubeva

"You have laid a Magnet, tied up the whole of Russia with a string! There was an implementation on the quality of time. Thank you very much! Good luck! The realization of the Theosophical tour is very significant and important for everyone!"

Lyubov Nikolaevna Mezinova

"Your work for humanity is priceless."

Bogatyrev Mikhail Alexandrovich

"Thank you very much! This Knowledge is necessary for the future!"

Indira Mitra

"A rare opportunity for the residents of Russia-The seminars of the Theosophical Tour have become an excellent educational experience. The seminars were a magnetic attraction for students striving for a Spiritual life. What wonderful halls have been chosen for seminars-these are Scientific classrooms, because Theosophy was written by Madame EPB, as the science of metaphysics, the basis of Ancient Wisdom.
I wish the Seminars in Russia the best discussions and discussions – let it become an instructive experience for all participants.
Congratulations on the successful meetings that enlightened and benefited many."

Narendran Arni

"I call Theosophy 'Home', because when you are ready to dive in, you will discover depths and an understanding of yourself that I cannot explain or express to you in words. The Theosophical tour in Russia is an exciting journey for all those who seek the Truth, respect it and accept it. The Adamant Lodge carries a deep understanding, and can express in words not a predicate, it is a mass call to the theosophical work that they do for all of us!"

Taposhri Ganguli

"I am following your publications of the Theosophical Tour. This is a global event for Russia and for the whole world. I love you guys! Your deep knowledge, your warmth, your participation, your dedication, your support – for real! You are an inspiration in the world of theosophy! The selfless work that you do is admired and becomes an example for everyone in theosophical work for the whole world."

Esther Pokrandt

"I am watching with great interest the work that you and the group have done! This is a great trip of the Theosophical Tour, amazing! And this is a wonderful work for the entire Theosophical Society."

Micheline Foster