The Found for Theosophy is an assistance to the development of socially significant andeducational activities, spiritual and moral education of society, the formation and approval of a unified system of spiritual values basedon the ideas and principles of theosophy.


  • support and implementation of programs based on the main principles of theosophy;
  • exchange of experience in the field of theosophical activity;
  • support effective interactions between scientific, educational organizations and business communities;
  • support, development and implementation of socially significant programs, interdisciplinary and partnership projects aimed at spiritual human improvement;
  • promotion of the creation of new research, educational, cultural Centers, associations of culture, science, education and education;
  • supporting the participation of gifted young people in national and international scientific, cultural, social projects, grants, conferences, scientific symposia, public forums and seminars;
  • support of socially significant youth initiatives, projects, children's and youth movement and organizations;
  • support of programs, projects and activities in the field of science and education aimed at integrating theosophical knowledge;
  • support young scientists, teachers, whose activities are based on fundamental ideas and principles of theosophy;
  • support and implementation of cultural and educational work in mass media in order to promote the ideas of universal values, ideals of good, mercy and charity;
  • assistance in the construction of social, research, cultural sites;
  • assistance in the implementation of the repair, restoration of significant objects cultural heritage, monuments of architecture and urban planning;
  • assistance in the publication and translation of theosophical works, texts of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon and ancient Indian philosophical works, including treatises promoting the development of the exact sciences: astrology, astronomy,physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, medicine;
  • charitable activities.



The symbol is a cedar cone, in the structure of which the shape of a spiral is manifested, associated with great productive and creative Cosmic Power.
The image of a spiral in the form of a cedar cone is one of the deepest symbols of the universe. The spiral algorithm lies in the very foundation of the universe.


logoThe symbol of well-being, prosperity, strength, integrity, longevity, beauty, perfection, durability, indestructibility and confidence in the future, calm and height of spirit, healing energy - a symbol of immortality and key, which opens the border between light and darkness, life and death, good and evil.




dedicated to anniversary of the founding of the Theosophical Society The purpose and main tasks of the Congress is to unite efforts, studying and interested in the science of theosophy;

  • affirmation of scientific value, relevance, significance of the fundamental work of H.P. Blavatsky "Secret Doctrine", the study theosophical works;
  • the use of experimental, theoretical and practical research methods through interaction and exchange of experience representatives of science, education, medicine, culture aimed at integrating theosophical knowledge;
  • supporting scientists, teachers and other representatives areas based on fundamental ideas and principles of theosophy.


Sketches of the monument to the young artist from St. Petersburg Alexandra Suleymanova.

Three sculptures of Helena Petrovna: a sculpture of a bent Helena Petrovna above the book, as if she was writing The Secret Doctrine, a sculpture dedicated to "Exposed Isis", and the project of the future monument to H.P. Blavatsky.


AUTHOR is a famous tibetologist, one of the most prominent Russian researchers of Buddhist culture and philosophy of Asia, a student of Yu.N. Roerich Vilena Sandzheevna Dylykova-Parfionovich.

This is a significant phenomenon in the Russian humanities, a new stage in modern tibetology, which is associated with the formation of synthesis
humanities and natural sciences, with the cooperation of modern science and savings philosophy and culture of the countries of the East. In the book are given correspondences and references to the greatest work of H.P. Blavatsky "SECRET DOCTRINE".

His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV gave a blessing to the publication of the book.

COMPETITION of fine and decorative arts,

dedicated to the fundamental scientific work of H.P. Blavatsky "The Secret Doctrine"
The competition is designed to identify talented artists, in whose works ideas of morality, spiritual search of a person, propaganda of ideas human values, ideals of good, mercy and charity, unity of religion, science, philosophy and culture.

OLYMPIAD OF CULTURE under the Banner of Peace

Day of Culture as a form that unites all categories of the population in cooperation and educational work, this is an association of people to spiritual development, to creative and business cooperation.

It is fertile ground for widespread manifestation of children’s and youth’s creativity, approval of the principles of peaceful coexistence of all nations
on the basis of benevolence and mutual respect, education responsibility for the preservation and protection of human cultural creations, nurturing a sense of Beauty as a moral criterion in thoughts, aspirations and actions of man.

Day of Culture, as a form that unites the creative participation of workers culture, leisure, social and educational work, education, science, health, community organizations, enterprises, all people in cultural construction. Culture Day, one time passes day, and preparation for it should go throughout the year.

  • consolidation of organizational, intellectual, creative resources, establishing the tradition of unity of people as separate creative individuals and organizations in the education of children and young people the basics of culture;
  • statement in the minds of people of the true value of Culture, as worship of the Light - the spiritual principle, the foundations of moral universal civil-patriotic and spiritual - moral values;
  • development of cooperation and social partnership between ethnic groups and intercultural dialogue, promoting development of public forms of communication involving constructive dialogue, the development of a positive life strategy and vital citizenship, especially among the younger generation RF.


If you share the goals and objectives of the Foundation, you can donate funds for the implementation of projects authorized activities.


"Society is a set of stones that would collapse if one were not supported the other"

Every organization, every corporation, whose activities do not contradict main principles of theosophy can join the activities of the Fund support and development of THEOSOPHY, becoming a partner of the Fund.


"The world is moving not only with powerful impulses that heroes give it, but also in tiny jolts of every working person."
Helen A. Keller

Each person can become a volunteer / volunteer. interested in assisting the Foundation in the form of gratuitous services and / or work.