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International Theosophical Congress in St. Petersburg

The main concept of the event: the promotion of the formation and establishment in the society of the system of spiritual values based on the ideas and principles of theosophy.

ALBATROS — International Theosophical publishing house.

Theosophists of Russia, the Philippines, and India worked on the project. The Albatross-symbolizes a long, soaring flight, indicates a safe path, the divine white messenger carrying good news, symbolizes the unity of the world of man and nature, being the messenger of another world, pride, reassessment of values.


The author is a famous Tibetologist, one of the most prominent Russian researchers of Buddhist culture and philosophy of the Asian countries, a student of Y.N. Roerich Vilena Sandzheevna Dylykova. The book provides correspondences and references to the greatest work of E.P. Blavatsky " The SECRET DOCTRINE". The book was published with the blessing of His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV.

MONUMENT E.P. Blavatsky

Monument's sketches of the young artist from St. Petersburg Alexandra Suleymanova. Three sculptures of Elena Petrovna: a sculpture of Elena Petrovna bent over a book, as if she were writing The Secret Doctrine, a sculpture dedicated to Exposed Isis, and a project of a future monument to E. Blavatsky.

OLYMPIAD OF CULTURE under the Banner of Peaceа

The Day of Culture as a form uniting all categories of the population in cooperation and educational work is the unification of people for spiritual improvement, for creative and business cooperation. Day of Culture, held at the same time one day, and preparation for it should go for a year.

Competition of Russian cities for the right to host the International Theosophical Congress "Theosophy - the heritage of the Great Country"

Representatives of the fields of science, education, culture, public organizations whose activities are based on spiritual and moral education of society, scientific research aimed at the ideas of humanism, morality, mutual assistance, regardless of nationality and religion, can apply for participation in the Competition.

COMPETITION of fine and decorative arts

Participants are artists, sculptors of the Russian Federation, Sweden, Finland, China, India, Poland, Ukraine, Germany. The competition is intended to reveal talented artists whose works show ideas of morality, spiritual search for a person, propaganda of ideas of universal values, ideals of good, mercy and charity, unity of religion, science, philosophy and culture.

INTERNATIONAL POETRY COMPETITION dedicated to "Helena Petrovna Blavatsky"

We invite you to become a participant in the poerty Competition. Poetic works in different styles, forms and sizes of versification are accepted. Age of participants is not limited.