The International Research Center named after H.P. Blavatsky presents Online Study Class, with the support of Foundation of socially significant and educational activities development "THEOSOPHY" - study III Stanza XII Sloka, full volume and full immersion. All key concepts ✔️ the Purple Banner of Victory and the spiritualized Mind, Creative Power and the first tremor of the Heart, Alchemy and chemical laws, the first Trinity and the mass of Light, Hierophants, Nidans and the Face of Adam Kadmon, crossed currents of Space and the human nervous system, a new starting point and a return ascending Cycle, steadfastness III Stanzas and twelve faces, purified Will and the order "Yes, there will be Light!" and much more. The answers to the❓ on the air.

The visual presentation will allow you to familiarize yourself with the system and method of studying the Secret Doctrine.

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