Закон перевоплощений

On 31.05.2020, the Theosophical Online Seminar on the topic "the Law of reincarnation was held with participation of foreign and Russian Theosophists and with simultaneous translation into Russian and English.


Dear friends!

We invite you to an ONLINE Seminar on theosophy with the participation of Russian and foreign Theosophists
on may 31 at 11 o'clock. AMC (Moscow time).


08.05.2020 an OPEN SCHOOL of THEOSOPHY was held for the day of memory of Elena Petrovna Blavatsky.
For the first time, Russian and foreign Theosophists gathered on a single online platform, on the day of the White lotus.


Dear friends!
We invite you, on this memorable day for all Russian and foreign Theosophists, to hold a Single online meeting dedicated to the day of the White Lotus (the Day of memory of H. P. Blavatsky).

Межрегиональные теософские семинары России.

On March 21, 22, Voronezh hosted the Seminar "Unified evolution of consciousness".