Theosophical Vector

Dear Theosophists!

We congratulate You on the 145th anniversary of the Foundation of the Theosophical Society!

In honor of the anniversary year of the Theosophical Society, we present you the popular scientific Magazine "Theosophical Vector" Of the international Theosophical publishing house "Albatross", research articles by foreign and Russian scientists and Theosophists.

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Let Knowledge unite us on the Path to the Light of Wisdom, Beauty and Harmony!

We wish you fruitful work in promoting the formation and establishment of a system of spiritual values based on the ideas and principles of theosophy!

Together with You in unceasing work for the Common Good!

With respect,
Theosophical Society of Russia, Lodge "Adamant"
Fund for the promotion of socially significant and educational activities "Theosophy"