Международный Теософский Конгресс


For all those who study and are interested in the Theosophical works of H. P. Blavatsky!

Study of the 1nd Stanza, the 4rd Sloka of the Secret Doctrine by HPB - "THE SEVEN WAYS TO BLISS WERE NOT. THE GREAT CAUSES OF MISERY WERE NOT, FOR THERE WAS NO ONE TO PRODUCE AND GET ENSNARED BY THEM", is presented by:

  • Sergey Kolganov - Candidate of philosophy, Department of Moscow Aircraft Institute (Russia, Moscow)
  • Ifigenia Kastamoniti - Theosophical Society of Greece, European School of Theosophy (Greece, Athens)
  • Ramprakash M. L. - United Lodge of Theosophists of India (Bangalore, India)
  • Elena Merlits - Theosophical Society of Ukraine


  • Vladimir Yaryi, Evgeniya Shaboornikova — Theosophical Society of Russia, “Adamant” Lodge (Moscow, Russia)
  • Erika Georgiades - Director of the European School of Theosophy (Greece)
  • Un-Hak Hwang - Doctor of philosophy, Professor at the School of Art (South Korea)
  • Ritva Lappi - Theosophical society of Finland, Blavatsky Lodge (Finland, Helsinki)
  • U. S. Pandey - International speaker of the Theosophical society, national lecturer of the Indian section, President of the Uttar Pradesh and Uttahkaranda Federation (India)
  • Lyudmila Razuvaeva - Vice president of "Blavatsky's Lodge" (Kemerovo, Russia)
  • Anne Kelly - Theosophical society of England (UK)

The next seminar is devoted to the study and research of the 1st Stanza, 5th Sloka of the I volume of the "Secret Doctrine" by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

We ARE WAITING for you on April 30 at 15:00​ (Moscow time) on zoom platform.

Link to join the seminar: https://www.fondtheosophy.ru/zoom

It's easy to be together!