Lubélia de Fátima Travassos

Lubélia de Fátima Travassos, Theosophical Society of Portugal (Portugal, Ponta Delgada, São Miguel Island)

Lubélia de Fátima Travassos, was born on the island of Saint Michael (São Miguel), Azores. She graduated from Cambridge University as an English translator. Worked in Lisbon for the Engineering Public and International Company as secretary-translator and translator, and in Auckland, New Zealand, for the Portuguese Trading Company as secretary and translator. Member of the Theosophical Society since 1982. Founded the Archangel Michael Theosophical Research Group in Ponta Delgada and has always been in contact with the National Theosophical Society in mainland Portugal. Since 1993 he has published philosophical and spiritual articles with a newspaper in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel Island. He is the author of several theosophical articles and studies that include the history of religions, religious philosophy, philosophical sciences, esotericism and mysticism. And several books, such as "Pythagoras and His Principles - Mysticism, Mathematics and Music" "The Dead Sea Scrolls", "The Mystery of Atlantis and Lemuria", "The Legacy of the Jesseys from the Dead Sea to Tibet", "Buddhism - Moral and Scientific Philosophy" and "Hinduism - Vedic Philosophy and Excellent Spiritual Literature", "Atlantis and Lemuria - Myth and Reality", "Natural Medicine in its Splendor".