Luke Michael Ironside

Luke Michael Ironside, Theosophical Society of England, Director of the Virtual Theosophical Research Center Adyar (Great Britain, London).

Luke Michael Ironside was born in the UK. He studied media and communications at the Unitec Institute of Technology in New Zealand and taught English at the London Teachers College in the UK. Theosophical lecturer and writer, member of the Theosophical group based in Chalcedon, California. He regularly lectured at the National Headquarters, in Lodges in India, the Philippines and in the UK.

His articles have been published in various theosophical journals around the world. Previously, he was the President of the Pranava Lodge of the Theosophical Society in the Philippines. He is the editor of the journal "Theosophical Vector", published by the International Theosophical Publishing House "ALBATROSS".