Kolganov Sergey Vitalievich

Kolganov Sergey Vitalievich, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Philosophy of the Moscow Aviation Institute (Russia, Moscow).

Sergey Vitalievich graduated from the Moscow Aviation Technological Institute named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky, where he qualified as a specialist in aircraft engines. He studied at the graduate school of the Lomonosov Moscow State University at the Department of Philosophy and Methodology of Science. He defended his PhD thesis in philosophy on the topic "The concept of unity as the first principle of theosophical knowledge".

Since 2003, as a professor, he has been teaching the normative course "Philosophy" and the optional course "Philosophy of the Ancient East" at the Moscow Aviation Institute of Technology, where he currently works, teaching a number of training courses to bachelors, masters, undergraduates and postgraduates. He is the author of books: "The Multidimensionality of human existence", "The Formation of philosophical anthropology", "Issues of modern Science". It is a member of the Russian Philosophical Society.