Dylykova Vilena Sanjeevna

Dylykova Vilena Sanjeevna, sinologist, specialist in Tibetan culture, Candidate of Philological Sciences (Moscow, Russia). Vilena Sanjeevna Dylykova is an HONORARY GUEST of the CONGRESS, a well-known Tibetologist, one of the most prominent Russian researchers of Buddhist culture and philosophy of Asian countries, Candidate of Philological Sciences. Having received a basic education as a Sinologist, she further deepened her main specialization as a Tibetologist.

V.S.Dylykova-Parfionovich is the great–niece of the outstanding Buddhist public figure of the early twentieth century Agvan Dorzhiev, the daughter of a major Russian Mongol scholar Sanjay Dylykov, a student of the world-famous orientalist Yuri Nikolaevich Roerich. Together with her husband, the outstanding Russian Tibetologist Yuri Mikhailovich Parfionovich, she is the co-author of such major publications as 11 books of the Tibetan-Russian-English Dictionary with Sanskrit parallels and the fundamental Atlas of Tibetan medicine. V.S.Dylykova–Parfionovich is the author of a number of books and translations devoted to the culture and philosophy of Tibet.

The book "Kalachakra-Tantra" is a new fruit of the author's long–term work on the translation and deciphering of the central treatise of Tibetan Buddhism with the same name. Given the complexity of this text, the repeated incomplete attempts of many Western Tibetologists to make not just a translation, but to decipher the hidden meanings of one of the most sacred texts of the Buddhist East, as well as the appearance in modern Oriental studies of such a major study of the central field of Buddhism and Tibetology in Russian – all this testifies not only to a certain landmark phenomenon in Russian humanities, but also to a new stage in modern Tibetology, which will be associated with the formation of a synthesis of the humanities and natural sciences, with the cooperation of modern science and the accumulations of philosophy and culture of the countries of the East.

In 2018, Vilena Sanjeevna founded a series of books "KALACHAKRA TANTRA". In this series, Vilena Sanjeevna plans to publish translations of all the texts of the Kalachakra doctrine, which are included in the Tibetan Buddhist Canon – a huge 362-volume collection of ancient religious and philosophical works.

The texts of the Kalachakra teaching from the Tibetan Canon are directly related to astronomy, physics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, astrology and other ancient sciences. The third book, as well as the two previous ones from the Kalachakra Tantra series, are addressed to everyone who seeks to expand consciousness, comprehend the past and future paths of humanity, and synthesize a religious-mystical, philosophical and scientific approach to cognition of the World. Books "Kalachakra-tantra"- a unique scientific translation of sacred Tibetan texts, for the first time in Russian, was published with the blessing of His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV.