Такен Брижит

Brigitte Taquin, Theosophical Society of France, "Blavatsky Lodge" France, Paris)

Brigitte Taken, born in Paris in Fancy, professional translator (English, German, French). Member of the United Theosophical Lodge, Paris, since 1981, where she worked as a lecturer, interpreter, and led theosophical seminars. Member of French Theosophical Society, Paris, since 1986. Since 1994 heads "E.P. Blavatsky Department" and reads monthly public lectures on "Secret Doctrine". Translations of books and articles of theosophical interest (Timney, Krishnamurti, Olcott, Paramahansa Yogananda, H. Shirman, Buddhism, etc.). Participates in other study groups around the world, online including.