Anacleto Jose Manuel

Anacleto Jose Manuel, President of the Lusitanian Center for Cultural Unity (Portugal).

Jose Manuel Anacleto was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University, works as a lawyer in the Ministry. He has been studying theosophy since 1979. Editor of the journal "Biosophy". President of the Cultural Center Lusitano de Unificacao, where for the first time three volumes of texts by Elena Blavatsky and a full Portuguese version of the commentaries on the Secret Doctrine were published in Portuguese. Other books include, in particular, the reprint of "Esoteric Buddhism" by A.P. Sinette and "The Secret Books of Blavatsky" by David Reigle and Nancy Reigle.

Author of about 40 books and a preface to the Portuguese edition of The Voices of Silence. Commissioner and author of 24 panels of the exhibition dedicated to Elena Blavatsky, which took place in Lisbon in May 2018. These documents were later reproduced also in Brazil.

Organizer and lecturer of several congresses, author of hundreds of lectures and hundreds of articles on theosophy, esoteric philosophy and spiritual traditions.