• Vladimir Vasilievich Yary - Head of the Moscow School of Theosophy, Member of the TO (Adyar), President of the Adamant Lodge
  • Evgenia Mikhailovna Shaburnikova - Project Coordinator of the Socially Important and Educa-tional Development Assistance Fund «Theosophia»

Participants: those interested and studying the Secret Doctrine of H.P. Blavatsky, all the works of HPB, Agni Yoga and all the works of the Roerich family.

Date: March 21, 22 (Saturday, Sunday)

Location: Voronezh, Cultural Center. E.I. Roerich, N.K. Roerich "Peacemaking", st. Dzerzhinsky, 3A

Questions for the Theosophical Seminar

March 21 (Saturday)

  • 11.30-14.00 - Lecture on the topics: “The One Teaching of the Mahatmas,“ Unique Year 2020 - Energy, Events, Transformation ”,“ Cosmogenesis, Anthropogenesis, Theogenesis ”,“ Quality of Time - Aspects of the Development of Consciousness ”
  • 14.00-15.00 - Lunch break
  • 15.00-15.30 - Presentation of the second book of the student Yu.N. Roerich, the famous Tibetologist V.S. Dylykova "Kalachakra - Tantra". Questions and answers.) Participants in the meeting can purchase the Kalachakra Tantra (volume 1 and 2 of the book)
  • 15.30-17.30 - Round table "System and methods of application of the Teaching of the Mahat-mas" (questions and answers)

March 22 (Sunday)

  • 12.00-14.00 - Conversation-lecture on the works of E.P.B. (Secret Doctrine), Agni Yoga, Kalachakra: “Fundamental esoteric concepts in the symbols of the Plan of Genesis”, “Meditative Practice - Kalachakra”, “Occult Philosophy”, “Nature of the Mind”
  • 14.00-14.30 - Lunch break
  • 14.30-16.30 - Round table "The basis and methods of group work to study the Secret Doctrine, Agni Yoga, Kalachakra", questions and answers.

Applications for participation in the School-seminar and additional information:

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 8(926)910-92-77 – Evgenia Mikhailovna
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 8(917)515-88-57 – Eleonora Georgievna