Within the framework of the forum, the presentation of the collection "The World of Hope and Love" and the project "World" (Modernization Innovation Development), an online conference on the relevance of the development of humanism in Russia and the world took place.

The "round table" following the results of the International Theosophical Congress in St. Petersburg, the participants watched the video report of E.M. Shaburnikova "Methodological aspects of the comparative analysis of science, religion, philosophy", got acquainted with the activities and projects of the Foundation for the Promotion of Socially Significant and Educational Activities "THEOSOPHY".

The forum was attended by representatives of SB NGOs, social and medical workers, members of youth and creative associations, members of the club of young politicians and the youth public chamber, the Association of young entrepreneurs and participants in the city leisure inclusive club "Victoria", students and graduates of the Socio-Economic Institute and Trade -economic college.

Honorary participant of the Forum - Alexander Pestov, representative of the All-Russian public movement "For the Conservation of the People", winner of the "Leader of the 21st Century" Competition (2008), nominee for the Mary public award (2014), winner (1st place) of the literary competition "We Read for the Soul" (2019).

St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Nur-Sultan, Jerusalem, New Delhi connected to the online broadcast. Kudrat Akhunov, a participant in the Battle of Psychics project on TNT, sent a greeting to the forum. and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Alexander Ochirov.

The organizing committee of the forum "All Together" wishes all the people of the world above their heads, and most importantly, peace in their heads! The truth is within us, in our Heart! Love and be loved! Happiness is living and enjoying every moment of it!

Forum moderators: Dmitry Nuzhdin,
curator of the club "Victoria" and Galina Repina.