• Видео-приглашение.

of the VII International Theosophical Congress,
dedicated to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Russia, Moscow

All events of the Congress are live
on November 24, 25, 26 from 11.00-18.00
(Moscow time)

November 24
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Opening ceremony, official greetings, presentations, speeches by Russian and foreign scientists and theosophists, art exhibitions, book expedition, award ceremony for winners and participants of creative competitions, demonstration of the H.P. Blavatsky medallion, classical music concert.

November 25
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Speeches by Russian and foreign scientists and theosophists, interviews with delegates and speakers of the Congress, premiere of the film "H.P. Blavatsky", International Scientific Symposium "Secret Doctrine" expert opinions, comments, scientific research, briefing question/answer on the materials of the "Secret Doctrine", exhibition of rare editions of the works of H.P. Blavatsky concert performances Laureates of international competitions.

November 26
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Round table/briefing of 7 directions (cultural studies/art, Physics/natural sciences, psychology, education/pedagogy, philosophy, astrology, History/Oriental studies), 7 speakers — Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Kazarnovskaya L.Yu. (Moscow), Frenchov S.A. Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor (St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg), Kolganov S.V. Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Professor (Moscow), Roshchupkin S.P. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor (St. Petersburg), Kravchenko V. V. twice Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor (Moscow), Shakhmatova E.V. Candidate of Art History, Doctor of Philosophy. Presentations, summing up the briefing, forming ideas in the way of interaction, long-term plans for the development of society, the foundations as the foundation of the science of the future. Classical music concert.


live broadcast with simultaneous translation into Russian and English

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