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The Secret Doctrine
Online study class
On December 14 (Thursday) at 06 pm (moscow time) | 15:00 GMT | 18:00 MSK | 07:00 IST | 23:00 PHT

Foundation for the Promotion of Socially Significant and Educational Activities "THEOSOPHY" presents an educational class "The Secret Doctrine" by H.P. Blavatsky, everyone is welcome.

Study of the III Stanza, the VII Sloka of the Secret Doctrine by HPB «Behold, oh lanoo! The radiant child of the two, the unparalleled refulgent glory: bright space son of dark space, which emerges from the depths of the great dark waters. It is oeaohoo the younger, the * * * he shines forth as the son; he is the blazing divine dragon of wisdom; the one is four, and four takes to itself three,** and the union produces the sapta, in whom are the seven which become the tridasa (or the hosts and the multitudes). Behold him lifting the veil and unfurling it from east to west. He shuts out the above, and leaves the below to be seen as the great illusion. He marks the places for the shining ones, and turns the upper into a shoreless sea of fire, and the one manifested into the great waters.»

Briefing - answers to your questions on the materials of the Secret Doctrine live. With simultaneous translation into English and Russian.

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