Michael N. Chiriatev,
Chairman of the Saint Petersburg Branch of the National (Russian) Roerichs Committee, corresponding member of the International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection, Advisor to the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, member of the Board of Trustees of the International Roerich Memorial Trust in Kullu, India (St. Petersburg)

Evolutionary causes of the ongoing fire trials

A mind that seeks the proofs of Wisdom and Knowledge in outward appearance as material proofs is unworthy of being let in unto the grand secrets of the "Book of Holy Sophia." One who denies the Spirit and questions him on the ground of its material clothing a priori will never be able to. Try!
Written down by H.P. Blavatsky

In the XX century, there was a qualitative leap in the convergence of the modern physical picture of the world with ideas of Eastern philosophy – Vedanta, Buddhism, Taoism. The scientific understanding of reality began to change, especially thanks to quantum mechanics. This was also manifested in the assessment of the inclusion of the participant-observer's consciousness in the process of information and energy transformation of interrelated natural phenomena. A similar thing is observed in social relations.

The development of means of communication, methods of transmission, processing and storage of information, as well as the improvement of vehicles and the search for new energy sources are becoming increasingly important for modern civilization. Compared to the last century, the limitations of the space-time scales of our interactions have become very relative. Events in one part of the planet are rapidly being reflected in other parts of it. The dynamism of events reaches unprecedented speeds. What used to happen within centuries now happens within decades. Natural and social phenomena are increasingly showing their interdependence. This became obvious after the emergence of ecological violations and catastrophes that threaten life itself.

On the one hand, the development of sciences contributed to the integration of knowledge, on the other – to the self-targeted growth of human civilization, in which the excessive rationalization, pragmatization and lack of spirituality of the methods of scientific and technical approach to nature and society led to painful processes that destroy the multilevel hierarchical system of the bio-sphere and noosphere. Wars, epidemics, rising crime, international strife, environmental disasters and demographic tensions were the result of ignoring the basic laws of development. Technocratic expansion, especially recently, has divided the image of the integral world into specialized models.

The accumulation of knowledge has turned into an attempt to build puzzles, but the mosaic elements cannot be assembled into a single whole, because it is impossible to create a single picture of the world in man's mind. Physics builds its own picture, chemistry builds its own, biology builds its own. Philosophers have their own, often contradictory, constructions. Humanity is once again trying to build a Tower of Babel. And now we see how people are poisoned and suffer from the construction debris and dust of this collapsing tower.

Science is often busy creating various models based on hypotheses and theories, which also change over time. As a result of new discoveries, and a number of discoveries have important evolutionary significance, but not always, scientists are able to correctly understand and interpret them from spiritual positions. Further accumulation of models without their qualitative transformation becomes meaningless. People cannot in their minds assemble from these often contradictory puzzles, hypotheses, theories, mechanical and digital innovations, models of artificial intelligence and the like, a living, meaningful, adequate common space for noble and universally beneficial life activity.

The recommendations of a number of philosophers, experts, and politicians are often tendentious and manipulative. A previously unprecedented scale of the spread of lies and other phenomena corrupting souls has become a feature of our time. The meaning of evolution, which is acquired through the spiritual experience of people with the help of sensory perceptions, diminishes and the search for creative thought slips away and gets lost. The expansion of feelings with the help of devices and apparatuses depends on the breadth of a person's consciousness, their mastery of the art of thinking and self-control. If consciousness does not qualitatively change, then what a person artificially creates has these limitations, a crisis of meanings arises. The reason is that man does not sufficiently know himself as a microcosm, neither the spiritual interrelation of Cosmogenesis, Anthropogenesis and Theogenesis.

The "Secret Doctrine" of H.P. Blavatsky is the basis of Theosophy. The "Teaching of the Temple", "Agni Yoga" and the creative heritage of the Roerichs, the centuries-old wisdom of the East open up new ways for the knowledge of the inner man and the laws of spiritual cosmic Evolution. The perfection of human senses and mind is endless. It is achieved through the highest types of Yoga, purification of the shells of the inner man, especially the layers of the Kama principle, accumulations of spirit and further self-improvement under the guidance of a Teacher belonging to the Hierarchy of Light. Thus, a reaction to such processes of disintegration arises and develops into new holistic, cosmic in breadth, thoughts, images of the world.

The theological theory of the noospheric genesis of Teilhard de Chardin and the scientific teaching of academician V.I. Vernadsky about the biosphere and the noosphere are close in conceptual and philosophical positions to Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, besides Vernadsky studied the works of Swami Vivekananda. The Library of the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg contains the collected works of Swami Vivekananda, which Vernadsky bought in London, with notes by the scientist. The main representatives of the bright thinkers of Russian cosmism – philosophers, scientists, artists, musicians, poets, religious figures who contributed to the restoration of a holistic spiritual picture of the world – also brought great evolutionary benefits. The peak of the phenomena of Russian cosmism was the work of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and the Roerich family.

By expanding consciousness in a spiritual way, a person begins to understand better that directing a significant part of own creative energy to technocracy, to satisfy many middle-brow needs leads to the degradation of the person and life as a whole. Because of selfish intentions and ignorance, the number of crimes and military conflicts is increasing, the biosphere and ecology are suffering, artificial nutrition is being created, as well as synthetic medicine that is not always useful, health is deteriorating, the education system is degrading and scientific activity is becoming more and more applied, and a lot of money is being spent on weapons, poisons and other destructive means.

Artificial intelligence and the one-sided development of a number of other technologies limits the possibility of a person's choice and the perfection of own creative abilities outside of the specified spheres, the breadth of which depends on the cultural level of their creators and morals of those who govern social and state life. The old scientific and technocratic paradigm began to slow down the spiritual and evolutionary development of man himself and his creative abilities. No technocratic tricks can replace man. Helena Roerich wrote: "Not a single narrow specialist, regardless of how high his professional skill, can be considered a cultural leader. Culture is synthesis; culture understands and knows the foundations of life and creativeness because it is the cult, or worship, or reverence of creative fire, which is life. But who has realized the foundations of life"? (Letter dated 05.29.1931).

A truly and correctly understood culture should become a key priority for the development of society, this is the salvation of life itself on the planet. The higher must rule the lower. Knowledge and beauty represent the mind and heart of the people, it is they who should determine the path of evolutionary development. But now, in many parts of the world, animal needs and consumer gorge instincts are trying to control the mind and heart of the people. Economic development has become an end in itself. Economics and politics are trying to manage higher paths of development, spiritual life, art, science, education and upbringing. The basic meanings of life have been lost, the hierarchical principle of spiritual evolution has been violated.

Recent events in the world confirm the scale of the planetary crisis, which the Great Masters of mankind have long warned about. It should be noted that the biological pandemic associated externally with the coronavirus is of a deeper nature. An outstanding Russian researcher-cosmist, a student of K.E. Tsiolkovsky, A.L. Chizhevsky and a number of his contemporary followers – V.P. Kaznacheev, V.A. Sukharev, V.N. Yagodinsky and other reputable scientists – proved that epidemic cycles are associated with cosmic factors. Our great scientist academician V.I. Vernadsky also spoke about the powerful cosmic influence on the biosphere. The latest large-scale epidemic should also be considered in this regard.

The creation of the Theosophical Society 145 years ago, the publication of the "Mahatma Letters" and the "Secret Doctrine", the "Teaching of the Temple", the Teachings of Living Ethics have been preparing humanity for the realization of the inevitability of a global cyclical transition to a new level of evolutionary development of the 6th subrace of the Fifth root race of the Fourth planetary round. Through studying the Living Ethics, works of the Roerichs we know that the time has already come for humanity to transition to this New stage of development, which is associated with the end of Kali Yuga and the beginning of Satya Yuga. Waves of new energies of Cosmic Fire are coming to Earth. The Dense World, the Subtle World, and the Fiery World are getting closer to each other rapidly. The Earth's magnetic axis began to move rapidly towards Siberia. The climate is changing everywhere, natural disasters have intensified, but the consciousness of many people was not prepared for these most important dates in history.

The biological epidemic must be considered interconnected with the moral epidemic, which began much earlier, as well as with the psychic epidemic, which is now generating waves of insanity in different countries. Nicholas Roerich said that after the Armageddon of the Second World War, an Armageddon of Culture came. We are witnesses of how the meanings of Culture and its values were distorted and destroyed. The Roerich Pact and the cultural movement of the peoples of different countries have made this process much healthier. Nevertheless, ignorance and selfishness have led to serious losses and created many problems that cannot be dealt with by the old methods and under the guidance of people with an old consciousness that is far from understanding the saving role of Culture.

Helena Ivanovna Roerich wrote down on 04.09.1938: "You certainly know that We consider war to be the shame of mankind, but one situation that can be considered as worse is the decay of humanity. Armageddon should not be understood as only a physical battle. It is full of incalculable dangers, among which will be epidemics, but the most ruinous consequence will be psychic perversions. People will lose trust in one another, and will compete in doing evil. They will develop a persistent hatred of all except their own kind, and will sink into irresponsibility and depravity. To all these insanities will be added the most shameful – the intensified competition between male and female" ("Supramundane").

In these prophetic words of the Teaching, as in a number of its other texts, there is a warning about moral, psychic and bodily epidemics, which are interconnected, for they are caused by the intensified reflection of the actions of people by condensed Astral Light. The majority in the world is afraid of their crudest form and the authorities are taking external measures against the coronavirus epidemic, unaware, like many scientists and doctors, that it, largely influencing through the blood, has at its source a polluted astral component of the internal human, and blood serves as a physical upadhi for Kama, Prana and the astral body (Double) – Linga Sharira.

But the blood, being the carrier of the Kama principle, is saturated with Prana, which is represented by oxygen at the physical level. If Kama gets separated, then the blood clots and thrombosis occurs, which is observed in this epidemic. Red blood cells are associated with Fohatic energy, and the course of diseases also depends on its qualities. The variability of the states of the Subtle desire body – Kama, the insidiousness of the ancient relic nature of the astral, largely determine the mutating abilities of the coronavirus and many other features of its manifestations, an essential part of the substantial and energetic basis of which is associated with the properties of subtle matter, with the energies of thinking and desires and various other qualities of consciousness, as the underwater part of an iceberg is connected with and conditions its very small part visible above the surface of water.

Without knowledge of the organization of the inner man and an unbiased and spiritual study of the properties of psychic energy, it is impossible to fully investigate the nature of the carriers of the epidemic. To the greatest extent, the harmful thoughts and desires of people that have been accumulating for centuries and are karmically manifested by the coming evolutionary period are responsible for this fiery pandemic. Therefore, it is immunity that is higher in people with the first blood group, which belongs to the element of Fire. Of course, the spiritual state of a person mainly determines his or her protection.

The Teaching of Living Ethics states: "The causes of diseases lie in the root of the bond between the physical and astral worlds. The body reflects all the effects from affirmations taking place in all the strata and recesses of the Cosmos. It seems to be clear as to what an indissoluble correlation exists between Macrocosm and microcosm, but, except for the enlightened consciousnesses, this concept is not taken into consideration and does not advance scientific investigations further. If it were known how atmospheric pressure influences the organism, would one not strive for realization of this link, the power of which saturates each cell of life with its Fire? The bond between the bodies and the interaction of currents must be investigated, for it is impossible to determine precisely the condition of the organism and its ailments without establishing the fiery correspondence. Sensitive investigation of the spiritual and physical states will provide the possibility of discovering the fluids of dissolution." ("Fiery World. Part 3." § 294).

Tactica Adversa is operating on an unprecedented scale in the world. All negative processes that interfere with evolution are rapidly manifested. The dark forces destroy themselves, reaching the extremes of absurdity and madness in agony. The unification of the Forces of Light is growing, also thanks to the ongoing trials. These fiery waves of trials, including epidemics, are needed to purify and divide people according to the qualities of consciousness, to identify those who are capable of building a New world, a spiritual and ecological civilization on the basis of cultural priorities, and under the guidance of the Hierarchy of the Forces of Light at the next ascending stage of cosmic evolution.

Now we can reveal in a little more detail some of the fundamental points from what has been said.

It is no coincidence that in 1931, at the First International Conference of the Roerich Pact, which was held in Bruges, the Banner of Peace was consecrated in the Basilica of the Holy Blood. There is a crystal vessel – a vial, in which a sacred relic is kept – a part of the Blood of Christ. It was on this Blood that the consecration took place. Nicholas Roerich wrote: "The consecration of our Banner was not by chance to take place in the Cathedral of the Holy Blood, in the name of all the Martyr's Blood shed for the Beautiful Truth. Where so many lofty symbols unite, there arises a true stronghold." Roerich also wrote that he himself weaves "a new cordial connection with Bruges, with a precious Drop of Blood that creates and animates" (Nicholas Roerich. "To the city of Bruges").

There is a great meaning behind the act of consecrating the Banner of Peace on the Blood of Christ, which Nikolai Konstantinovich only hinted at. The Supreme Immortal Triad (Atma, Budhi, Manas; Father, Holy Spirit and Son; Consciousness, Matter, Energy) descends into the Quaternary through the purest bridge of Culture, comparable to the bridge of Antahkarana, through the Higher Manas, which is directly related to the Principle of Christ, connecting the Higher Ego with the lower ego. We recall that Fohat also connects Spirit and Matter in a similar way. It should be clarified that the fourth principle of Karma, correlated with the universal desire and attachment to incarnation, is a reflection of the Highest aspect of Eros, the generating power of the Divine Nature, the triumph of creative life.

The concept of Eros, which is explained by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, is consistent with the ideas of ancient Greek cosmogony, and not with later mythology. Like Fohat, it is a potential creative Power in the initial state, but in its manifestation "Fohat, running along the seven principles of Akasa, acts upon manifested substance or the One Element and by differentiating it into various centres of Energy, sets in motion the law of Cosmic Evolution, which, in obedience to the Ideation of the Universal Mind, brings into existence all the various states of being in the manifested Solar System… On the Cosmic [plane], it is present in the constructive power that carries out, in the formation of things ‒ from the planetary system down to the glow-worm and simple daisy ‒ the plan in the mind of nature, or in the Divine Thought, with regard to the development and growth of that special thing. He is, metaphysically, the objectivised thought of the gods; the “Word made flesh,” on a lower scale, and the messenger of Cosmic and human ideations: the active force in Universal Life. In his secondary aspect, Fohat is the Solar Energy, the electric vital fluid, and the preserving fourth principle, the animal Soul of Nature, so to say, or ‒ Electricity."

It is precisely this animal Soul of Nature that is now beginning to be purified by Spatial Fire, because certain time periods have come, cosmic conditions have developed and Worlds have begun their rapprochement.

It is in this state, on the one hand, Manas spiritualized by the Light of Budhi enters the Kama principle, forming Kama-Manas, and then the lower Manas, being the soul in the personality ‒ another Ray of the Higher Manas, clothed in Astral Light, already acts through the Kama Rupa, and begins its transformation there as much as a person in own consciousness can perceive high energies. But on the other side of this vital crossroads, which is still connected with its higher essence through the Antahkarana bridge, there is a part of consciousness that is immersed in certain lower animal layers of the Kama principle ‒ egoistic, instinctive, darkened, there it is captured by lunar desires and only the will of the animal man arises.

More precisely, in the Highest aspect, will and desire coincide – they are one, but in the human microcosm, desires often become instinctive and free and manifest themselves already as an organizing form of behavior of the animal soul of a person. Therefore, both Helena Petrovna and the Teachers talked about the necessity of cleansing personal desires, liberation from the material instincts of Kama.

Now the task of purifying thinking and desires is facing the whole of humanity and in a very tense form. Life itself will force you to do what humanity was too late to do. The purification of desires is primarily connected with the direction of thought to abstract categories, it is connected with an impersonal attitude to many material things, because it is material dependence and a sense of ownership that fetters a person's consciousness, makes a person a voluntary slave of these very desires. A person must overcome many spatial and temporal limitations associated with the external three-dimensional material world and its psychology, and this is achieved by internal self-discipline and self-organization, cultural creative improvement and following the Path of spiritual practice of genuine Higher Yogas. Therefore, a person should think more often about the Eternal, about the Infinite, as Svetoslav Roerich liked to repeat.

The essence of Fiery immunity, which is now very important to understand in connection with everything that is happening, is due to the fact that Fire rays can be called literally from every pore. And these Fiery rays, through a thought immersed in the heart, can be the most powerful transmutators. In general, many changes occur through transmutation. Negative phenomena are also based on transmutations, when all kinds of infections begin to work through the blood, and the dynamism of the desire principle itself, its connectedness with the astral, creates such conditions that its intermediary, the conductor to the physical plane, which we call coronavirus or other viruses, including psychic and social ones, begins to mutate very strongly and unpredictably.

The current situation is unusual and poorly controlled also because the three interconnected epidemics and other tests noted above have taken on a global scale, and this coincided with changes occurring literally at all levels of human activity, and with planetary changes in the biosphere.

The coronavirus epidemic, generated by people themselves, has become a new such test, but the real causes of waves of such epidemics, the mechanisms of their transmission are not fully understood even by specialists. The effects of subtle energy factors of influence caused by psychic processes, especially the actions of people's thoughts and desires, little-known cosmic phenomena, including intense spatial currents and the rapprochement of worlds, changes in atmospheric chemistry, accelerating shift of magnetic poles, disharmony, imbalance of elemental forces and other diverse fiery manifestations, is underestimated. The components of humoral regulation, especially blood and mucous membranes, suffer greatly from these factors affecting the state of psychic energy of people and influencing the changes of spatial currents. The components respond to the reaction of energy centers and energy currents traveling along the nerve pathways and etheric acupuncture meridians, reflex zones, the human barrier network and its auric regions.

The Teaching of Living Ethics has long warned: "Urusvati knows that, as the increasingly poisonous atmosphere attacks the tissues, inflammation of the mucous membranes has become the scourge of humanity. It is impossible to imagine how multiform are the symptoms of this sickness of our times. People attempt to relate these symptoms to previously-known types of disease; they do not understand the unique characteristics of this epidemic. Often the symptoms seem to be harmless, and physicians cannot determine the cause or the course of the illness. It is therefore important for physicians to study the human organism by all available scientific methods" ("Supramundane." § 435).

The teaching also says: "... It is wise to know that Armageddon is accompanied by epidemics. We cannot limit our awareness to known forms of illnesses, but must be ready to face the most complicated and unusual symptoms" ("Supramundane." § 435).

Of course, the main panacea here is an unbiased research and the wise use of psychic energy, but humanity is probably more than a century late in this, despite the warnings and instructions that were given from above.

Widespread world epidemics, including viral-bacterial ones, can occur not only because of leaks of the biological carrier of this or that disease from some laboratories, as some conspiracy theories now claim. There are actually many such laboratories, dozens in proximity to the borders of Russia, and a couple of hundred in the world. But one should also think about the fact that it is not by chance that certain malicious forms have been attracted to the consciousness of those who are engaged in this, who are developing harmful biological weapons in these laboratories.

After all, even if we assume, based on conspiracy theories, that it was not by chance that the coronavirus genie created in laboratories broke out, then the thought forms that the creators of this infection attracted with their flawed consciousness are also karmically not a random process that triggers boomerangs of retribution, because it has long been known that "Live by the sword, die by the sword."

The reasons not only for such disasters, but also for new good opportunities to overcome them are much deeper, they go beyond the traditional range of scientific concepts and those conspiracy theories that politicians, experts and many others discuss. Without knowledge of the laws of the Subtle World, without knowledge of the properties of psychic energy, it is impossible to develop a full-fledged healing vaccine, and antibodies will not be effective enough, because there will be constant carrier mutations, mimicry, and various hybrid forms of such epidemics will multiply.

In addition to the above, we note that one of the possible mechanisms of mutation and the emergence of new strains of microorganisms and viruses is associated with the energetic characteristics, cultural, ethnic and psychological uniqueness of different peoples, in which it is possible to identify the characteristic dominant manifestations of emotions and thinking, representing, as it were, different planes of being, principles, states of consciousness and organs of the internal collective human organism of the planet. Such mutations and the appearance of new strains are now very topical.

It is possible to develop vaccines feverishly every time, to make vaccinations, but it is more important to understand the more essential causes of such periodic and increasingly frequent disasters and to deal with them, and not with the consequences. However, all of our medicine, and not only it, mainly deals with consequences, not causes. People focus more on the obvious rather than the actual, on the transitory rather than the eternal, which is also mentioned more than once by the Teaching of Life.

Enlightened theosophists know that nature and man owe their origin to Higher spiritual creative forces, first of all such as Kumaras. Evolutionary processes continue in our time, mainly implementing programs of cosmic spiritual development under the guidance of the Forces of the Hierarchy of Light. But people's free will, their psychic energy at different stages can also have a beneficial or harmful effect on these processes.

"People are doing the right thing by thanking the Hierarchy for the abundance of earthly fruits brought by nature. Great Consciousnesses worked on it, and the forms of flowers, plants, and fruits were created consciously by them. Later, humanity gave birth to some undesirable forms with its negative thinking, but all the good and good was done by the Builders. And people acted fairly by thanking Them for taking care of them. Locusts, all kinds of pests, bacilli, pathogenic microbes and viruses were generated not by the Forces of Light, but by vile and malicious human thinking and vices" (Facets of Agni Yoga. 1971. § 503).

The processes that we have paid attention to are exacerbated by new cosmic factors and especially, as has been noted more than once, by the accelerated rapprochement of the Worlds – the dense one with the Subtle and even with the Fiery.

A lot of the fruits of scientific discoveries and the entire technological civilization associated with them have matured faster over the last century, they support new scientific and technical achievements that have given rise to "virtual reality" with "virtual worlds", but not only, because achievements in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials (and in a number of other materials science works, including superconductivity); the discovery of dark energy and dark matter; physical experiments with plasma; work related to cold nuclear fusion and low-energy nuclear reactions; new physico-chemical experiments with water; research in the field of altered states of consciousness; study of the interrelationships of consciousness with quantum-mechanical reality; research of fields and radiations of living organisms, including remote interactions; new methods of suggestive effects; development of methods of gas-discharge visualization based on the invention of the spouses Kirlian and the works of J. Jodko-Narkiewicz; remarkable research and inventions of N. Tesla and their development; search for sources of new types of energies, including those related to ether, such as etherodynamics, etc.; works in the field of Cosmic anthropoecology and parapsychology and many other studies indicate that the time has come for a scientific revolution, for a significant change in the worldview and ideas about Nature, Man, the Cosmos and Life itself, about the great importance of One-principle psychic energy, about the properties of the energy of Thought, about the existence of many invisible conscious and semi-conscious (including elemental) forces.

In the agony and struggle, a new spiritualized science is being born, with the development of which a qualitatively new spiritual and ecological civilization will be associated. It will be created with the energy of meanings and values of genuine Culture. Without the adoption of the fundamental cosmic laws of Karma and Reincarnation, a person will look accidentally abandoned in this world, doomed to conditional and ephemeral connections, ontologically lonely, lost due to the deprivation of the opportunity to realize the meaning-making reasons for his destiny and higher purpose, which are actually determined by the embodiment of spiritual individuality in each new personality by a combination of skandhas and karma.

In conclusion, it should be noted once again that the establishment of the priority of genuine Culture, the recognition of spiritual meanings and Laws of cosmic evolution, high Knowledge, which were substantiated in the Works of Great Teachers, in the creative heritage of H.P. Blavatsky and the Roerichs, other outstanding cosmist thinkers, in the "Teaching of the Temple", in the fiery speeches and articles of Swami Vivekananda and a number of heroes which are spiritually close in their worldview to them, are a panacea and salvation of the stumped humanity.

There is no other alternative for the world to develop and survive in the Fiery Epoch that is coming according to the laws of Cosmic Evolution, affirming the triumph of the creative, luminous Spirit. But in order to realize this good Path destined for the renewed humanity, there must be pure conductors of new luminous opportunities and creative heroes, carriers of Culture; for this purpose, people should be at the head of states, who under the guidance of the Hierarchy of the Forces of Light will be inspired and spiritualized by high Knowledge, capable of selflessly serving the Common Good in a disinterested heartfelt aspiration.