Round table
of the IV International Theosophical Congress
"Secret Doctrine – Book of the Third Millennium"
from 22.11.2020




  • Shaboornikova Evgenia Mikhailovna
  • Dylykova-Parfionovich Vilena Sanjeevna
  • Yary Vladimir Vasilyevich
  • Un Hak Hwang
  • Chiryatiev Mikhail Nikolaevich
  • Roshchupkin Sergey Pavlovich
  • Harkin Georgy Georgievich.
  • U. S. Pandey
  • Bikalova Nadezhda Aleksandrovna
  • Kolganov, Sergei Vitalievich
  • Ritva Lappi

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: Dear friends, we continue the IV International Theosophical Congress, Scientific Symposium, Round Table "The Secret Doctrine -the Book of the third millennium" Today we are reviewing the 1st Stanza, the 3rd Shloka, the first volume of the Secret Doctrine. "There was no universal Mind, for there was no Ah-Hee to contain It" We have come to one of the main points of the Congress. Vilena Sanjeevna Dylykova-Parfionovich opens the Round table.

Vilena Sanjeevna: Dear colleagues, I will try to comment on the third Sloka of the Stanzas of the first section of the Cosmic evolution. Naturally, as a Tibetologist, I consider this position of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky from the point of view of the Tibetan material that I own. It starts: "There was no universal mind, for there were no heavenly beings to contain this mind. In the first version of “”the Later Version of the Brilliant Kalachakra Tantra” or the text of the brief edifying sayings of the second book, one can find a connection between the statement of the Secret Doctrine about the Universal Mind and the example from the Kalachakra Tantra, one hundred and seventy-six, woodcut two, sentence sixteen: "There was no creator at the creation of heaven." You see one thing in one. Further, it is interesting that it is not only in the Kalachakra Tantra, the same phase is present in the Rig Veda: "Nothing existed, neither the sky, nor the greatness of the vault, nor the earth." The following is known about the act of creation from the myths of ancient India: "In the beginning, there was nothing but primordial chaos. Then the waters came, which gave birth to fire and a golden egg with a golden embryo. This germ became Brahma, the creator of the Universe, the creator of time, and the progenitor of all living beings." I quote from the Rig Veda: "Great seer in the heights of heaven, you were timeless, unchangeable, [oh, thought] infinite, divine eternity." The three texts of the Kalachakra Tantra that are part of the Kanjur are written in an obscure and complex Tibetan archaic language, which experts call twilight. Difficulties encountered in translating texts are associated with non-compliance with the rules of grammar of the Tibetan language, and Tantric texts with their coding, as well as the ambiguity of Tibetan terms and the presence of specially developed mystical vocabulary. So in the first version of the second book of Kalachakra Tantra, the text that I will read to you is completely unclear in meaning. “Where seven great big lions (literally ravenous beasts), there other good and not good powerful, and having the power Brahmans were born. It’s the sentence from the Kalachakra. Knowing the keys used to decipher, you can guess that we are talking about the Seven Sages, the Rishis, forming the seven stars of the constellation Ursa Major. Or another sentence: "the cleaned washed earth, gave birth to the seed of the first main person or individual consisting of water and a dark waning sun.", woodcut fourth, one hundred and seventy-sixth page, the ninth sentence. The explanation lies in the fiery energy of the first black sun, not yet purified, very dark, which in union with water gives birth to a living being. We are talking about the origin of the planets, which in the very beginning were always very dark and gloomy, then passing through the process of purification, they became light and clearly visible. And here the term "Clear Light" is just mentioned which Evgenia Shaboornikova also mentioned in her report.

Regarding the authenticity of the planets of the constellations in the firmament, and such references as the legendary kingdom of Shambhala. In general, this was a problem that persisted to the present day when all Tibetologists assumed that Shambhala is located in different places, as well as the problem of the origin of Shambhala itself. As a result of studying this question, I came to the conclusion that Shambhala originated and existed in the Solar system along with its capital Kalapa.

Translated into Russian from Sanskrit, Shambhala means “the source of happiness”. As for Mount Meru, about which there is also a lot of speculation – Mount Meru is also located in the Solar System, in its very center, and has its counterpart on earth, which is called Mount Kailas.

That is, you understand, they built the correspondences of the Heavenly Bodies, and of everything that happens in the sky, and the birth of the Universe, they reflected it on the earthly plane, and in the great epics such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana. As a result, we have the solution of all numerical symbols, both in astronomical treatises and in the epic Mahabharata. Let's say, the great battle on the field of Kurukshetra took place and lasted for eighteen days. What is eighteen days, as a result of which, in general, Arjuna won. This is two times nine, that is, on the one hand, one planet consisting of nine, frankly speaking, constellations, and another planet, also consisting of nine constellations, fought in the firmament and as a result, one planet absorbed the other. So I understand the meaning of the heroic epic Mahabharata.

Further, Helena Petrovna is talking about the Eternal Mind, which is connected with Thought. Thought – in the Tibetan version, is designated by the Sanskrit word Bodhichitta, translated into Russian, Bodhichitta means “enlightened Thought”. The term Bodhichitta is associated with all Tibetan yoga, it has an esoteric character, extremely intimate, and is called the "Six Yogas of Naropa". These "Six Yogas of Naropa" are included in a slightly modified hidden form in the text of the Kalachakra Tantra.

Based on the meaning and disclosure of these six yogas, one yoga is distinguished, which is called "Yoga of Moving Consciousness". Yoga of moving consciousness, tells how life ends in the human body and how everything that was laid down in this living organism as a result of yoga practice, very complex and very dangerous, that happened as a result of contemplation and very complex meditative practices, the yogi experiences as a state of clear light, which was also discussed in the presentation of the Kalachakra Calendar. Clear light is the same term from "sir " in Tibetan. As a result, in the dying state, clear light yoga is in the foreground, it is concentrated with the yoga of the upper chakra, called "Ushnisha", and as a result of combining these yogas, a lightweight fluffy light-colored ball is formed.

This lightweight ball begins to run along the inner channel, the current in the body of the yogi, which is called the Avadhuti channel. As a result, if the yoga is done correctly, the yogi achieves an unprecedented result. In the crown of the head, a hole is opened, which is called the Brahma hole, and through this hole a light, fluffy ball denoting the yogi's consciousness leaves the yogi's body and rises into the air. If a yogi wants to continue the path of life, he can bring this ball back with his knowledge of meditative practices, and then he comes to life, and continues his life, but with full knowledge of this innermost yoga.

In addition, this yoga is reflected in the astral yogas, which are imprinted and associated with the astronomical treatise Kalachakra Tantra. The main treatises, which are the treatises of the Indian pandits which make up two hundred and twenty-six huge works of the second Buddhist canon, they are devoted mainly, as I was able to find out, exclusively to a treatise on astronomy, but only contain their full and detailed commentary on the missing Sanskrit texts related to the structure of the Universe, which is called the Milky Way Galaxy. Enlightened thought, in Tibetan, is translated as “the heart of the awakening mind”, it consists of Absolute Bodhichitta, and this Absolute Bodhichitta represents emptiness. I will not speak for a long time about Emptiness, which is the most basic philosophical theory of the hidden meaning of Kalachakra Tantra.

Of the twenty types of emptiness, sixteen types of it, in the form of sixteen goddesses, are placed in Ushnisha. What is Ushnisha? This is a growth on the crown of the Buddha, or a bunch of hair or a knot tied on the head of a yogi. The other seven types, along with the sixteen located in the crown of the head, are placed by adepts in seven chakras, that is, seven types of emptiness in seven chakras representing the planets in the body of a person practicing yoga.

So in the Heart of man a lunar disk appears included in the number of planets. It is in the Heart chakra itself during concentrated meditation. Just exactly the Heart, where both the mind and the enlightened thought are connected at the same time, by connecting two drops above the white heart, and under the heart – a red drop, and they form the very ball called clear light.

As a result, in the Kalachakra Mandala, the planets mentioned and the twelve types of emptiness symbolize the twelve signs of the Zodiac, which are included in one circle. In addition to this circle and the twelve types of emptiness, there is also a thirteenth type of emptiness, which is located in the constellation Ophiuchus, and through which the movement of the Sun passes. These thirteen kinds of emptiness, in the form of Goddesses in general are on the Buddha's head dwell there, and therefore thirteen zodiac signs represent Ushnisha – the crown, the habitat of the thirteen Goddesses, representing thirteen kinds of emptiness. The remaining seven are located in the seven planets with the center of the earth in a circle and in general in the Kalachakra Mandala contains twenty types of emptiness, which are also represented in the body of the yogi during the process of energy movement in the human body, which is a symbol of the Universe.

The number of planets and constellations is nine and twenty eight in the same amount are contained in the body of each person. And the triad: earth-man-space, says that man is given the main place, the connection between the Earth and the Cosmos. The planet Earth was mentioned long ago due to the fact that it was the most important in the cold, icy expanse of Space, since the Earth, as I have told you, contains a red-hot fireball inside itself. Therefore, the earth warms itself all the time, it is alive, and thus differs and stands out from all other lifeless planets, where stone and ice reign. Therefore, the search for a new planet similar to Earth, represent the main and fundamental task now, as Helena Ivanovna Roerich mentioned in her diaries and in her philosophical books that there exists a Planet that is as beautiful as our Earth.

And then the human civilization has the opportunity to find this planet and move, and the question of the disappearance of our planet will fade away. The disappearance of another planet is known from the Cosmologies of ancient India. Once there was the planet of a wonderful beauty, which flourished and was so rich gifted with nature, and all the resources of the animal world, and it was not inhabited by the Gods but by Asuras. And as a result of the fact that the Asuras bred on this wonderful planet, and trampled everything that was possible, this planet ceased to exist, and after the passage of four billion and a half, disappeared into outer space. If we talk about the fact how the ancient astronomers of India and Tibet consider the entire structure of the Universe, they think, it is not limited by our galaxy - the Milky Way, but goes further. Here are twenty-eight constellations and nine planets, representing only a small circle. In addition to this small circle, according to Tibetologists and Indologists, there is a middle circle, in addition to the middle circle, there is also the largest circle of planets, constellations.

This is a far-reaching picture of the creation of the universe and its full composition. What are all the other constellations, planets – their names are not so well known, but the number is the same, if Indian astronomers call the number eighty-eight, and the same number, eighty-eight, is approved by modern astronomers all over the world. The coincidence of numbers suggests that the ancients had a complete and real knowledge of the Universe. They limit this Universe to three thousand universes, three thousand in all. If we talk about whether this amount is correct, because our and foreign researchers say that the universe is infinite, it expands, increases and no restrictions are expected… You know, I've been thinking about this question, and after all I’ve understood.

Now, if mathematically these are numbers, then three thousand Universes are really true, because the same number, three thousand Universes, they find in the Microcosm, which is called the human body. Here we are talking about two inextricably linked areas of science. The first is astronomy, and the second, inseparable, integral part, is medicine. If we can decipher the four Vedas, which contain the encrypted ancient medicine of India, which was mastered by the Aryans, then perhaps we can decide how to completely cure these deadly diseases that destroy humanity, as well as wars. Therefore, I would like us to find those who want to continue to decipher the sacred texts on astronomy, astrology and medicine, in order to help in curing the diseases that the ancients associate with the nature of the existing planets. And if this problem is solved, then we will solve the problem of the immortality and longevity of human civilization. Thank you for your attention.

Evgenia Mikhailovna: Vilena Sanjeevna, thank you very much. Colleagues, who have comments, or may have questions about the layout of the third Sloka of the first Stanza, please. (no comments or questions)

With your permission, then there is such an idea, in addition to the Stanza Dzian itself, where Helena Petrovna writes: "There was no Universal Mind, because there was no Ah-Hi to contain it." Of course, we can read not only in the Theosophical Dictionary, but also in the Commentaries on the Secret Doctrine, that Ah-Hi is a Hierarchy of beings that concentrates in its first manifestation, like the Dhyan Cogans, these are Cosmic celestial beings. This seems to me a very important point, which denotes the description of this Universal Mind, which has not yet existed.

Helena Petrovna writes that the Mind is a set of states of consciousness, that is, there is some Consciousness with a capital letter, which is One, and there is a Set of its states. So here is this aggregate which is grouped under some definitives. Some definitives can be told or shown geometrically, so to speak. There is a set of states of consciousness, and there are only three definitive ones. The question is, how can these three have the whole set of consciousnesses? The first set is Thought, the second set is Will, and the third set is Feelings.

The combination of all this gives the explanation of the totality of the states of consciousness, Thought, Will, Feelings, which is Reason. If we look at the Planes of Existence, we can determine how this totality of the states of Consciousness manifests itself in its trinity.

We know that the first is the Thought, the Thought-Basis, and the Thought was the first movement of the Cosmos, and it was the Thought.

But without the Will, this Thought cannot manifest itself further, it has no movement, and the Senses give further differentiation to this totality of Consciousness.

There is such an idea: if there are three of them, and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky writes in her comments that Ah-Hi are the first, the second, the third level, we can say that the first is a reflection of the Absolute, the second is the First Manifested Logos, and the third is that which has a sevenfold manifestation. (draws according to the Planes of Being)

Then we can assume that the Hierarchy of Divine beings, Dhyan-Kogans as Ah-Hi, unites all the Planes of Existence. And if that's all the Planes of Existence, this Plane of the Spirit out of Forms we know as the Absolute, then its further reflection is the Plane of Gods, the Plane of the Spirit and the Plane of Prototypes, and all this is the unmanifested state of Consciousness, then there are lower planes, which have their manifestation through a particular Hierarchy.

Then Ah is the Breath-in, if we now utter this word - "Ah", physically we will inhale "Ah". This Breath-in goes "from outside to inside", that's the point. These three Planes we can concentrate on Inhaling, on the disappearance of Ah. They sighed. When a person breathes, there is a pause between inhaling and exhaling. If we are careful, this is not a simultaneous action, inhaled-exhaled, inhaled – exhaled, there is always a pause. This pause in the cosmic layout of symbolism is the Plane of Prototypes, Ah is the breath-in, the universe has shrunk, this is pralaya. Then the pause comes, when everything is going to the Plane of Prototypes and from this Plane of Prototypes, this second part – "Hi" starts to exhale. It exhales – Hi. Ah-Hi – and the whole Hierarchy of Divine Beings, like the Inhalation and Exhalation of construction, is here, on the Planes of Being, in geometric construction.

If you have noticed, then Ah-Hi is even written through a dash, Ah, dash, Hi, it is identical to the Planes of Being.

This is one of the ideas to see what they consist of, what is the totality of these consciousnesses, there is a Thought, there is a Will that manifests itself on the Plane of Reason and Creativity, and Helena Petrovna says that Ah-Hi are Dhyan-Kogans, and Dhyan Kogans, as we know, is a Single Hierarchy, it is simply called differently on different Planes of Being, and it has a Single manifestation in the Seven-ray Star, there is a reflection at once on Seven Planes of Being. And then there is all the subsequent phenomenon that goes in the scenario of the first, second, third Stanza and so on of the first volume of the Secret Doctrine. Here's the idea..

We have comments on the side where our partners and colleagues are gathered online ... Un Hak Hwang (South Korea), Ritva Lappi (Finland), Mikhail Nikolayevich Chiryatyev (St. Petersburg), Sergey Vitalievich Kolganov (Moscow), Mr. Pandi (India) it is very nice to see you all.

Well, how do you like this idea of representing AH-HI, which is the totality of all seven Planes of Existence, like Inhaling and Exhaling. We can say that the Breath is Pralaya, the Universal Mind is always there and it is in Pralaya, but it is not manifested, it is its potency, "HI" is the Exhalation or Manvantara, and it is manifested through the totality of divine beings or Hierarchies. Thus Manvantara begins. By the way, Helena Petrovna writes that at the dawn of Manvantara this manifestation begins, and the dawn of Manvantara it is illuminated by this white color, by the first blinding, shining seven-ray star. This plane is so high that the light is blinding, it is a shining white, and in its perspective, if we look at the seven-ray star, the seven-ray star has seven color correlations: orange, purple, red, yellow, blue, blue, green – all according to the planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn)

And what's interesting, here's another idea: in essence these colors are hidden, but they have a color gradation, or manifestations, in its first manifestation at the dawn of the Manvantara we see and can recognize this shining light, this is a reflection of the Absolute, that is what Helena Petrovna even reminds us of, we can compare the universal Mind even with Absolute Mind, but we must bear in mind, that this is just a reflection of the Absolute Mind, because the Absolute Mind is always everywhere, it is unchangeable, he unspeakable and so on and so forth – no, no, no.

If anyone has any ideas yet, comments?

Un Hak Hwang: I've studied modern astronomy, I've studied constellations, I've done observations, I don't know the meaning of all the stars, of course. It is very important to understand that light represents the age of a star, but I do not know how to react to your idea, I need to study everything in more detail.

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: it's a good idea to start studying the Secret Doctrine. You know, yesterday our partner, colleague, our esteemed Sergey Alekseyevich Frantsuzoff, who has been presenting his reports for some years, finally bought two volumes of the Secret Doctrine yesterday. And when I saw him, I said, "Sergei Alekseevich, my God, that’s all, the Secret Doctrine is with you," and he is a Professor at St. Petersburg university, he said, “Yes." - And will you study? - He says, "The time has come."

You know, it's time to start learning the Secret Doctrine. Today we just talked with our colleagues about the fact that when we know, or even slightly approach this Knowledge, we can explain any effect, but only if we know the Cause. We have a comment from Ritva Lappi. Dear Ritva, please.

Ritva Lappi: Just a great presentation. I tried to think about it. You talked about what symbols we see. I think that meditation is very important, that is, we think about what is outside and inside, we need to remember that we are present now in this moment. And I think that Helena Petrovna understood, because she understood what space is. The same thing happens to us that happens to the macrocosm. And in Buddhist philosophy, the Mind is always connected to the space of the Cosmos, and the Cosmos is blue, and this color is very important. I don't know exactly how to say it, but different colors are very important. This is a small detail, but quite interesting. I already told you about it when I was in St. Petersburg.

Yes, red, blue and white. And usually red is the color, when you speak, there is white, which goes down below, and blue is the Dharmakaya. And these three colors are represented on your flag of Russia. Our flag has only two colors. We only have white and blue. This is a small little interesting detail.

I was reading the Secret Doctrine last week, and i thought that the texts are very deep. How can this race understand what the Cosmos is, because we only have certain feelings, but evolution continues, we develop and we may have more feelings, and then maybe we can understand more. I do not know, maybe you have already heard about it, maybe it is some new information, I do not remember exactly, but this is what I would like to say now. I didn't speak very briefly, it's just my thoughts. I thank you!

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: Dear Ritva, thank you very much. Yes, we have a comment, a speech, the head of the Moscow School of Theosophy, the president of the Lodge “Adamant”, Vladimir Vasilyevich Yaryi.

Vladimir Vasilyevich: I would like to once again bring you back to the practice of meditation. The fact is that we are here and are engaged, in fact, in meditation. Only someone sees more clearly the problems or thought that dissolves in our consciousness of space, according to the thought of the day. Helena Petrovna said that everything is energy. It's so easy to understand, and you don't have to go far. Wherever we turn, we always see only energies, and the totality of these energies is created and called life.

Is it difficult to understand? Very often I hear people say: "You speak abstractly, philosophically. Where will the specifics be", and everyone needs to be specific. This is the disease of humanity at this stage, and it is the transition from one state to another that the Mahatma Teaching calls us to, it calls us that it is time to move, and unite in the Spirit, meaning Consciousness and Intelligent cooperation.

This is also a concept that everyone seems to have heard, and everyone has read it, at least they are already talking about these aspects of the Teaching. But the problem is that we have not yet learned to think. And this also sounds concrete and clear in the Teaching. Look at how many things I have mentioned now, and we come to what was said, that light, when it differentiates, it becomes rougher, rougher, darker, darker, and even darker. And this is the darkness, this is the state in which our consciousness, habitual thinking, resides, which is literally called centripetal energy. This is the centripetal energy with which we are carried away and which in us is called habitual thinking in the Teaching. We need to move away from conventional thinking. And this is where the most important meditation begins.

Meditation begins when a person has reached the limit of the horror of perceiving his own darkness of consciousness, which is called ignorance. And with this, in fact, Buddha began his Teaching. In the same way, each person begins for himself from this very moment. And this transition point, which now shows us the Wheel of Time, we can catch in every moment of the current time, from seconds to centuries. i think it's not hard to do. You just have to assume that you don't know anything, and then these concepts and these numbers are infinite, which are counted and calculated as three hundred and eleven, zero forty and nine zeros, the fifteen-digit number of years of Mahakalpa, or Manvantara, (311 040 0000 000 000 years) they become digestible because we have no limit. When we don't know, we have lost the limit. The limit of what? The limit of understanding. our mind becomes free.

After all, this is what they try to achieve in all meditations, so that the Emptiness that is for logical thinking becomes Fullness for philosophical research, that is, for abstract Thinking. And then, when abstract thinking becomes a concrete factor in the perception of the world, this is the refinement of our Consciousness, and the expansion is only due to the fact that we do not know anything.

Imagine, it would seem that knowledge expands consciousness, but there must be a reason for knowing, and this reason is ignorance, which is the greatest force that motivates a person to accept knowledge, that is, the ability to learn. And meditation tells us that we are beginning to awaken our consciousness.

But the time in which we live now, and in which we have moved is a very important factor. And it just shows us that moment of the current flow of life, which we measure with the help of Kali – the Goddess of Time, with the help of her we are able to focus our attention on the current moment of timelessness of the Eternal Flow. And Helena Petrovna gives us the idea for this today: "The envious will never satisfy envy, and will never become great.". The very Thought tells us that the one who is envious is limited. So, in order to get rid of this limitation, humanity resorts to coming to a state of zeroing.

Today we have the day of the Yellow Snake. The Yellow Snake is located in the constellation of Aries, the first Fire. In theosophy, it is said that God is Fire, or the spiritual essence of fire. He is not the Fire itself but the spiritual Essence of Fire, not-scorching fire is His property. And He is at the very top of the Wheel of Time. The Snake is located at the central point of the five nidanas. The third, the first, is a Fire Hare, the second is an Earth Dragon, and the third is an Earth Snake. It concentrates in itself, as a point in a constellation concentrates the whole idea of this supreme constellation, the primordial fire. The mind is a symbol of the Snake, and the Element Earth is not the earth that a person is usually imagines. Earth is the ability to understand, it is a state of consciousness that is absolute in its transparency, in non-color, there is no color, light, nothing there is no aspect or category, it is colorless.

This ray of colorlessness is the void in which intelligent forces are able to operate, like a circle with a White Disk, has a line in it, and this line always has the ability to wrap itself around itself in its duration of movement, and thereby creating, as a Snake bites its tail, movement. That's exactly how the Yellow Snake bites the idea or the divine Thought, which has its own hissing movement. Here is this hissing movement, it already creates the potency of temporality or cyclicity. And another value for the Snake is the Cycle, the display of time, a very important aspect. The snake moves, and its head is always static, it does not stagger, but only the body bends. This is also characteristic of the energy of the Law of the Cosmic or Universal Law, which can be called Dharma, it is always intelligent, not fussy, and the body performs its transformations according to the need of this moment, this energy is very economically spent there, that is, this fohatic energy is inherent in movement, because movement as a sinusoid, shows itself rise-fall, rise-fall, rise-fall, civilizations rise, then fall in their development, collapse, move to another plane. And the Snake’s bending relay creates this Hierarchical beginning, that is, symbols and principles that are called Nidans, they reflect very deep semantic formulas that a person must individually resolve for himself.

There are names for this purpose here, in the Secret Doctrine by Helena Petrovna it is also told about Nidans, and in the book Ways of the Spirit by Helena Ivanovna Roerich, these Nidans are also laid out. In Tibetan literature, all of them are just translated from ancient Dzian manuscripts, translated into Russian, and we can now already accept this Knowledge, just the time has come! The time has come for this knowledge to flow out into the world. And it is unnecessary to think that we are not able to perceive it now, no, because this time indicates the need for this now for this leap of evolution, the transition to the world of consciousness.

Finally, this time has touched us as it once touched the Atlanteans, but the Teachers lived with them, and we are carriers of the Teacher's ray, that is, the fifth race must become monadic at last, and in other words Self-conscious, this will be the monadic side of life, this will be true creativity or love that transforms, connects, and unites the single humanity. .

A symbol of this humanity, we see in this seven-ray star, the nature of Dhyan-Kogans. Actually, each ray reflects the race of humanity. And the symbol of each race for our humanity of the fourth circle of the Earth is Space. This symbol is Space that the Muslims, so to speak, appropriated for themselves. This is the greatest symbol, it reflects the meaning of the Mother of the World, the Womb of the Universe. And Space itself is therefore displayed on the Wheel of Time in the form of the moon, you see here, the symbol of the moon or space, and the Sun is only an impulse that is at the top of the Wheel of Time, and from there the Thought is born, it is manifested by the fohatic ray. And this ray, continuing its movement from the World of Reason and Creativity, this Mind simply begins to act through Ah-Hi. Who are the Ah-Hi? Entities. Let's transfer all this to a person, and you will see that the person is this Ah-Hi.

As it was said by Vilena Sanjeevna, as above, so here is created. If we want to see mount Meru on the Wheel of Time, then we see it. Now, if you look closely, the six-pointed star indicates the sun, indicates this snow-white peak, this is mount Meru, or the Earth's mountain Kailas displays it, and here it is on Kalachakra, and it is called the Higher World. In the Teaching we are told: "Go through the World above", that is, go with pure Thought, go to the peaks, do not descend into the Lower world.

And the Lower or Earthly world on the Wheel of Time is indicated in the view of the lake dark lake, these are the Waters of Life in which we are born, we live, we bathe, we wash away, then flood, this water sustains life in us. It turns out that the Yellow Snake is today's day, and you have seen how much is possible to talk about these great secrets, Nidanas, principles, reasons that are the result of the Causeless Cause of everything. So the Causeless Cause of everything is our silence . In silence, we live without reason in this Causeless Cause, and when some understanding or clarity of some aspects of this one appears in us as a result of meditation, then at this moment we become creators, because we have a thought according to the image, this is what a person does not know how to do, this is the only problem.

It turns out that a person can not originate his thought alone, humanity is at such a stage. Only people of the fifth circle are able to have such opportunities, and they are embodied on Earth, there is the presence of such great souls and it was, and they are listed in the Teaching, and we, the people of the earth, can only present collectively a thought image and create a thought, in this way we can generate a thought. Therefore, it is necessary to study in a group.

Those who study separately will always be limited.

Therefore, groups, Lodges, Schools were always created, any direction was always organized. At least there must be three people, or two, and among them there is the third, that is, a Teacher in a subtle image.

See, there must be communication again, communication is happiness. If there is no communication, there is no happiness. Here is an example of what is happening now, that is, this Congress is happening, it is very significant, it is not as significant as we had in St. Petersburg, there was a different significance. There was a different quality and time. There was a different understanding of the need for this. Although everything was great there, but it was already so long ago, and now we are just learning to communicate.

And the most interesting thing is that we learn to communicate with different countries, with different states of consciousness. We don't need to go anywhere on purpose. We can now, and technology has allowed us, communicate like this online, and yet be on the Plane of consciousness.

After all, this is what moves us in the Spirit of communication, we have joy, we have happiness, even though we are blocked in apartments, but nevertheless we break out on the plane of consciousness we break out of that. Here is human nature, that is, all the conditions are complicated, there are no difficulties, because we only attract them by our own impotence, by the assumption that we cannot do something. We can everything, and this thought must be natural in us, like breathing, and then we become Ah-hi, carriers of these rays of the Dhyan-Kogan’s nature of man, or we become a cosmic man, at least reflecting it, at least partially. But collectively we are able to display the ray, the ray of space, the son of it, of this space, the Dhyan-Kogan, which is the violet ray. This is what we are able to display.

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: thank you very much. Mikhail Chiryatiev, Saint Petersburg. We are glad to see you. You are welcome to speak.

Mikhail Nikolaevich: First of all, many thanks to all the speakers, and always when Vladimir Vasilyevich speaks, there is a new impulse for mental creativity. And I am always very grateful to him. Sometimes I want to say one thing, when he speaks, spiral circles begin to appear immediately and a whole tree grows by associations. But we do not have time to spread out on this tree of associations, so I want to comment to some extent on what he said, and go back to the Sloka itself, then that it is probably not worth going away from this after all. So now, indeed, the magnetic properties and consonances of thought as in an orchestra are diverse, and we are already in another anthology completely alive, including thanks to these tests that I have already mentioned, these epidemics, conditionally. They still awaken the spirit, they have a great positive sense, they divide people according to the qualities of consciousness. And I agree with Vladimir Vasilyevich that a new quality of communication is really emerging here. And this Fourth Congress in general, as the number four, is to some extent a turning point. But you were right when you said that four, one, and seven are connected together. So right now there is such a transition for all of humanity, from the possibility of concrete, formalized, objective mental activity, which has tied us to the earth to a large extent, the transition to the abstract. And in his speech, Vladimir Vasilyevich just started with the fact that many people reproach the leaders of the Congress, and their reports, that they speak too abstractly. You know, it's a kind of training, a training of thought. Because when a certain energy bar of thought is set, others begin to catch up to it to the extent of their potential. And indeed, actually literally Ah-Hi means Dragons, or what Vladimir Vasilyevich said about the Snake, about the Snake as a symbol of Reason, about the fact that it moves in such sinusoidal spiral forms, and the energy itself, you can even say when space and time already arise, then there are these spiral movements of manifestations of various waves. Because time itself, even in the Greek sense, can be not only "Kronos", but also "kairos" it can be. And time itself has not only a wave forcing, but also intervals. Gaps, as it were, assimilation of the accumulated. And now the transition period. Both between Manvantaras and between cycles large or small, there are transitional periods. On the one hand, they assimilate and crystallize what has been accumulated, the consciousness of people, the experience of people, the whole of humanity as a whole. Even if humanity is not aware of its unity, on the other hand, they already contain a bud, a sprout, a future flower, a program of spiritual development.

And now this time has come together with an external, even if not realized by humanity, condition of this kind of isolation. Even in a pandemic, there is a limitation. But let's go back to our Sloka. The fact is that Ah-Hi also have several stages of manifestation. Of course, they represent these first three planes of manifestation, and they pass through all the planes, but only from the third plane does differentiation begin. and it is on the second plane that they first come to the stage of the form of education, the principle itself arises, the group arises, and on the third plane they already become Manasaputras, and then incarnation into human form is possible, because there are also dives and indeed, like Kumaras, as well as Ah-Hi, Dhyan-Kogans, they can pass through a human stage in one or another incarnation. But it is important to note here that there are different cycles of Manvantaras, and this is often confused. The Manvantara cycle, measured, as Vladimir Vasilyevich rightly said, by a fifteen-digit number, refers to the Solar system, and most of the Shlokas of the Secret Doctrine refer to this. But there are several Shlokas that relate already to the Universal manifestation, to the objectified Universe, to the Mother-Father. And there are many small Manvantars, about which Helena Petrovna Blavatsky also wrote. As for this symbol of a Snake biting its tail, this also refers to the fact that when a particular Manvantara is awakened, there are stages when the stages of incarnations begin. And what is interesting is that before incarnations in human form, Ah-Hi do not have free will, and people have free will, because Ah-Hi are actually Forces, are Rays, and it is difficult for us to imagine how a Ray can be a carrier of this or that consciousness. They are, as Helena Petrovna explains, conscious to the extent that they act within the limits of universal consciousness. But the consciousness of the Manasaputra in the third stage of incarnation, when the human form is already acquired, is completely different. Therefore, it is very difficult for us to imagine how the process of thinking can occur at all. And that it means not to be a formalized entity in our understanding, but to be the Rays of the Law, the conductors of the Law, it is connected precisely with the manifestation of Ah-Hi. In addition, it must be said that now there is a time when a new element appears, which humanity does not know, this element is connected with spatial thought, this aspect of Fire, which is connected with spatial thought, so thought begins to act very strongly because the worlds converge, and the subtle and fiery world interpenetrate with each other.

It is difficult for us to imagine this interpenetration, we try to distribute it in three-dimensional space and time, and this is completely wrong, because they are always present here and now simultaneously out of time, these worlds intersect, they are in each of us, and thought is the connecting factor of all spatial times. If, of course, this thought is spiritually organized and if this thought is supported by the enlightenment of Buddhi. Just now, humanity is entering the stage of testing the ability to assimilate the illumination of thought by the Buddhic plane. Therefore, it is very difficult, it burns, but it is an inevitable stage of the evolutionary spiritual cycle of ascent. But for this ascent, it is necessary that the thought becomes heartfelt.

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: Mikhail Nikolaevich, thank you very much. Very interesting addition. Of course, I heard a couple of nuances, we could stop on them... Vladimir Vasilyevich wants to say, let's give him this opportunity.

Vladimir Vasilyevich: I would like to say that when we speak of the ray as Ah-Hi, the carrier of Reason, then first of all these Ah-Hi or rays are manifested through a person as clarity. Why exactly, like clarity? Because the Dhyan-Kpgan’s nature reflects the World the Prototype of all future ideas. And this is the Plane of the Mind and Creativity due to the fact that Dhyan- Kpgan’s nature, manifests as Ah-Hi by the clarity of ideas, and there thereis no will, but the media of will is man, he is the synthesis of everything, of the entire Hierarchy. Therefore, according to this destiny of humanity, which is between heaven and earth, there exists the ability to reflect, to reflect reality. And now if the time is such that everything is concentrated in the transition period, where many cycles have converged, then one of them is called Satya-Yuga. It is in the great Kali-Yuga, the Satya-Yuga. It is now, in this period of time that humanity is given such an opportunity to become monadic, due to the fact that a person is able to catch and clearly reflect buddhi, as the emitter of this ray, which really becomes vahana or the carrier of intelligent power or wisdom.This is what we learn, this is actually the purpose of meditation.

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: Thank you very much. We have a comment. Sergey Pavlovich Raschupkin. You are welcome.

Sergey Pavlovich: I have a small comment, although I may say trivial things, I am not a great expert on the Secret Doctrine.

I really liked the idea of Yevgenia Mikhailovna on the account of the interpretation of Ah-Hi. This really explains everything quite simply, I do not touch on the multiplicity of this concept, but the fact that Ah-Hi is very similar to Pralaya and Manvantara, it's just like this, how the heart pricked. And why is Ah" in the beginning and then "Hi", that is, the beginning is Pralaya, and then Manvantara? What state does Pralaya begin with? It seemed that Pralaya was after Manvantara, it was clear to me. And so it came naturally, which is really described in the first Stanza of E.P.B. In the second Sloka, when Time did not exist, it rested in the infinite bowels of Duration, there is a special state that is not identical, unequal in principle with Pralaya and Manvantara. I do not know what this special state is, but it is a qualitatively different state.

And from it, for some reason, first decomposition comes, and then the creation of universes does, this is amazing. And one more thing, maybe also trivial things I will say that in Russian the mind is called by two words - " intelligence " and "Mind". As far as I know, there is no concept of this in English. There is such a wonderful writer, now living in Russia, Alekseyev Sergey Afanasyevich. He has a book called "Forty Lessons of Russian". The word "Mind "can be divided into three components:" ra"," z "and "mind". So "Mind" has always been understood in Russia – "Lit Ra", "Mind lit by Ra", divine, connected with the highest principles. And then it is clear that Elena Roerich translated the English word quite correctly, it turned out the Universal Mind. Thanks.

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: Thank you very much! About "why Pralaya in the beginning and then Manvantara". The beginning - there is no Pralaya, when the beginning, then it is Manvantara, and Pralaya has no beginning, that's the nuance. There is no complete Pralaya, there has never been one. Only there was and is and will be through Manvantaras, certain cycles, only partial Pralaya. There was nothing, and when there was a Beginning, it was Manvantara. And we cannot say that in the beginning Pralaya and then Manvantara. Pralaya – it was nothing, it was in potency, and this is the beginning of the Manvantara, when it all starts. Here's a terrific take on the “Mind”. Ra - as the Sun God, or this Light, descended in the third race and humanity became monadic, this monad began to manifest as a descent. Simulatively "z" (zet), if we draw the letter z, we will see as a mind connecting the top and bottom. "Mind" is connecting top and bottom, connecting beginning and end, day and night, cycle, and so on, and so on. because it is just in the clarity. Here is such a brilliant idea that Ah-Hi allow you to see or understand clearly, they can connect this Mind and Heart, and we become Intelligent. Then this ray will be able to touch us, then UNDERSTANDING comes.

Do you have any comments from Georgy Georgievich? You are welcome.

Georgy Georgievich: A humorous comment first. Here "Mind" can still be decomposed like this: Ra-zoom - (zoom) Here, I hope that today our system, which allows us to communicate, has become a little more sunny, but this is a joke.

And now some more philological comments about two words. First, the word Ah-Hi. I have tried to find it in both Sanskrit and Tibetan, there is no direct indication that it is a Sanskrit or Tibetan word. But for that in Sanskrit there is a similar word, it sounds like this: "Ahii", with a long "[i:]" at the end. This word it is found in the ninth book or as it is called "Mandala", the Ninth Mandala of the Rig Veda, this word is at least two and a half thousand years old, so it means-Serpent. This is just some addition to what Mikhail Nikolayevich Chiryatyev was talking about. There was an ancient Indian philologist, Yaska, who compiled a dictionary, a collection of words that are found in the Rig Veda, generally in Vedic texts. He just mentions this word "Ahii", that's what he said, there are not two "h", not "ah-hi", but just "ahii". This word means, Yaska translates it as - "heaven and earth", that is, here is such an interesting connection, heavenly and earthly. This little philological commentary on the word "Ahii," may add thoughts to what everyone was talking about. But it seems to me that this Universal Mind is probably more complicated. I mentioned in my report that the Universal Mind appears in the Book of Dzian as the word "Konchok". This is a word that occurs in classical Tibetan Buddhist texts, and it appears in different meanings in these texts, but all these meanings are very sublime, that is, it is an indescribable concept, very high philosophical. One of the meanings, this Jewel, in Sanskrit sounds like - "Ratna". There is such a thing as the" Three Jewels " - the first is the Buddha, the second is the Community, and the third is the Teaching of the Buddha. These three jewels are called - "triratna", that is, this is what in general is, well, let's say, the peak, the spiritual peak of buddhism, and the most valuable things for a person who has become on the buddhist path. The second meaning of the word "konchog" in tibetan, well, is supreme, the highest, supreme, a certain higher spiritual principle, that is, probably in Russian and English it does not convey what this word means in the tibetan language. And it is curious that when the Christian missionaries arrived in Tibet, and they began to tell the Tibetans about God, about the Highest Spiritual Principle of Christianity, they just took this word "konchog" to refer to the deity in Christianity. That is, we see that, the Tibetan word that Helena Petrovna Blavatsky translated the word Higher Mind, it is just something very high and even just the Universal Mind does not convey that high meaning, but of course, our all earthly words are quite limited.

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: Thank you very much!

Vilena Sanjeevna: I will go back to their system of interpretation. The Tibetan word "Konchog" means – the best, the highest and is associated with the main Tantric deity named "Dem-chog". In Sanskrit, this name sounds like "Samvara" or "Samvaara". As a result of the research, "Dem-chog" is equivalent to Buddha himself. When deciphering Buddha means the planet Mercury, which in translation into Russian means – Wise. You see, the Mind in the Tibetan language exists as Wisdom, which is equivalent to the Universal Mind.

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: Thank you very much. Mr. Pandey, do you have any comments on the third Sloka of the first Stanza?

U.S. Pandey: Intelligence is a key factor in evolution. As discussed earlier, the mind is a link between the upper and second worlds, it is such a connecting element, so the mind essentially reflects the Universal Mind, which in turn is an embodiment. This Universal Mind represents consciousness, individual consciousness, whether in our world or in spiritual practices. Thus, the Mind is a very important concept and the most key factor for any research, it creates a connection between people in the world. Only through the existence of reason can we understand what Maya is. And returning again to the concept of reason, it must be understood that it exists on various levels. Some teachings say that there are two levels, or, for example, in buddhist philosophy, this number is much higher, several hundred. Therefore, different levels of the existence of the mind are recognized by different sciences and even by psychology, science, religion. And when we talk about the mind, we should always specify what level is we are talking about. In addition, you need to understand that the mind itself unites the lower level of consciousness and the upper level of consciousness. And all this is achieved through meditation, through yoga, spiritual practices in order to make it cyclical, to complete this cycle, this chain. We must remember that this is what helps us to embody ourselves to the best extent, so to speak. That's what I wanted to say.

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: Mr. Pandi, thank you very much. Mikhail Nikolaevich, you wanted to say a comment, please.

Mikhail Nikolaevich: Just to add a second to what George said. He could not find the transcription of Ah-Hi in the Tibetan and Sanskrit texts. We need to see what the word "Ah-ti" means. "Ah-ti" is used in the Edas, it is a Scandinavian root, and it means – Dragon. So take a closer look at the Younger and Older Edda, and then the explanation will come. By the way, I want to remind you that Nicholas Roerich, even when he was in Mongolia, when they were doing Buddhist things, he had associations with Scandinavia, with Meso-America, the synthesis is so cross-cultural, it is connected with some deep roots, probably connected with the migrations of the remnants of the Atlanteans. Here we must look for the nature of these words. Thanks.

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: Mikhail Nikolaevich, thank you very much. There was a very interesting comment about Ah-ti, and about what the translation from the Scandinavian means Dragon. We know that Helena Petrovna Blavatsky speaks of the first Seven-Ray Star as a manifestation of the Dhyan-Kogans, the Flaming Dragon of Wisdom, then the translation is clear and understanding comes.

Regarding Mr. Pandey's reasoning, I would like to add that the Mind that we speak about can connect heaven, earth, the manifested, the unmanifested, and so on. But we know that there are seven bodies, or principles of man, which Helena Petrovna has defined quite clearly, the Lower manas, the Higher Manas, and so on, and what connects them. And it is the navel, or synthesis, that connects the connecting link, which is the plate of the Mind, which is the Heart, the sixth principle. Still such thought came, concerning these words, after all there are three stages of development of consciousness.

First, a person learns to reason, and his mind works. The understanding, we know, determines the lowest principle of the nature of the human mind.

Then a person learns to reflect, that is, he takes different thoughts and he can connect them, he reflects.

And the third stage, the highest, is when a person learns to think.

So, to reason, reflect and think, is the first, second and third level of manifestation of Ah-Hi, the Dragon of Wisdom. Here is an addition.

If you don't have any comments, I would like to share such an idea with my colleagues. You see, when Helena Petrovna says that Ah-Hi are guides, and some of you have just quoted quite a lot, that they are the Snakes of Wisdom, they are guides of the Universal Mind, and so on. But there is something that suggests that before the guides, before the Ah-Hi became the Hi, the exhalation, there was one nuance. Let's listen to Helena Petrovna's quote, and I'll tell you my idea, and you tell me whether I'm right or not. "Ah-Hi, the Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings through whom the Universal Mind manifests, the Dhyan-Kogans, the vehicles of Universal Thought and Will, who give and establish in nature its laws" This is the expression of Ah-Hi, who establish in nature its laws, the note is, that first Ah-Hi first create a suitable basis, which only then becomes a guide. What is the basis? Not to delegate your laws to Nature, but ITS laws. It changes everything. That is, the hierarchy of celestial beings, the Dhyan-Kogans were first shown to be the basis to reveal in nature its own laws, and not to impose their own. Great reverence was at first, and only later in the matter of space of a certain plane, these same Ah-Hi, began to manifest it, they act according to the laws imposed on them by Higher Powers. What does it mean? ... I'm asking you to focus. This means that at first this Reverence was shown to bring out in nature its laws, what? The same laws that were imposed on the Dhyan-Kogan by Higher Powers. In the first manifestation, the Higher Powers asked permission from the lower ones, that's what it means. Here is such a nuance, and it even changes the Hierarchical view in general, that in the beginning the Higher Forces asked this base of the lower one, can we even manifest here at all? The lower base was ready, that is, these rays Dhyan-Cognicase, which gave first a blinding light, they have prepared the matter for manifestation. I have an idea how it was. (draws) The seven-ray star was on this plane, it gave the very basis, it asked, then, we all know, that Dhyan-Kogans as the guides began to fulfill the Will of the Highest to our densest plane.

So it is not for nothing that the Dhyan-Kogans are symbolized by a Seven-Ray star. This is the first glimpse of the basis of resolution, this great manifestation of the highest hierarchy, when the Higher asked the lower, and the lower resolved and the Higher began to manifest, how does it appear? The Seven-Ray star is not just drawn without breaking off in one movement. Because this is a Single Ray, there are no seven rays, they are here only in potentiality, this is the basis, a single ray in its seven radiations of potentiality, still unmanifested, this is the light-bearing matter, the very one that appears. as Elena Ivanovna Roerich writes, "the Canvas of the Mother of the World" on which only then there will be a pattern. She showed this Reverence, she accepted this shining light. And these were the rays of the seven main planets: the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. These are seven rays that lie at the base of the Kalachakra, which define the twelve Nidanas, the seven rays and the five elements (7+5=12) are a single movement laid down within. So this Logos, which is the first manifestation, is essentially threefold. It is threefold in its essence, because this first trinity gave the sevenfold, and manifested itself here, in the one ray.

Here the idea is about "establishing the nature of its laws." It seemed to me absolutely amazing, not their own laws Dhyan-Kogan began to establish, but its laws, the ones of the nature that potentially had to manifest. We have a comment from Vladimir Vasilyevich. You are welcome

Vladimir Vasilyevich: Now you have touched the most basic thing for the manifestation of individuality. This is how individuality awakens, because people, as the Teaching says, are afraid that their individuality will be violated, but in fact they simply do not have it yet. So this is just saying that until reverence is shown, consciousness cannot manifest itself as an aspect of individuality. It can't manifest itself, it can't begin to improve, develop, evolve, that's where it all starts. And this state, I would say, is the cause, the Causeless Cause, this is a very important point. And if we meditate on concepts, then we come to the nature of things, because the very nature of things is causeless, but it is causeless not in the sense that it has no cause, but it simply acts in us by spontaneity, you see, by the spontaneity of the highest law of Dharma, there is an impulse, and therefore causeless is the impulse itself. It is causeless, unconscious, it is so considered. And in human nature it manifests itself as an instinct, you see, but not a low instinct, but an instinct of the spirit, that's what we have to come to. Instinctive is a higher order the movement of the spirit, or the burning of this fire of the spirit or grain of the spirit, which in itself contains the essence of the essence. This is very important, and then the causeless cause of everything in us is a natural urge, it is a consequence of accumulation, accumulation itself and it acts from the Chalice in the form of reverence. Like everything in Space, like in man.

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: Thank you very much. So, the Universal Mind that exists always both in Pralaya and in Manvantara is unchangeable, and the Ah-Hi have this property of making the noumenon as a phenomenon through a suitable basis or of becoming vehicles. Here it is so simply and vividly explained, the very task of Ah-Hi and who they are. Indeed, the Flaming Dragons of Wisdom. Nadezhda Alexandrovna, if you have any comments, please.

Nadezhda Alexandrovna: Dear friends, you know, in fact, I learned a lot of new things for myself, but I would like to add and present to your court here, the twentieth lesson of the Teachings of the Temple, which, as you remember, the Teacher Hilarion gave to students in the Temple of Humanity more than a hundred years ago, and here in Halsion many such works were published that many more people will have to study. So there is such a lesson in the first volume, the twentieth one, it is called "Control over the vital forces." It begins with a very, very deep phrase that goes like this: "Ultimately, all Being is a vibration and all themes… and so on and so forth.., developed, and appeared, just at different speeds of this vibration." And that's what it says, including about the Trinity, our favorite topic that sounded yesterday and today. And that greatly sounded in the report of Yevgeniya Mikhaylovna Shaboornikova. Now, it says, "The great creative force, defined by occultists as the vital principle, in its highest aspect is Trinity consisting of Desire, Will, and Mind. Desire is the guiding force of the Universe, in its highest aspect it is Love", that's what Vladimir Vasilyevich has already said here, "Will is the driving force that accelerates the energy contained in the matrix, and the basic principle of Sound, Mind-Light, that is, there is Mind dash Light, generating force and at the same time it’s a temporary matrix in which Desire and Will merge." And in general, there is so much still unreleased in the Teachinggs of the Temple on this topic. And I thank you for the new thoughts that have emerged as a result of this discussion. Thanks.

Eevgenia Mikhailovna: Thank you very much. Sergey Vitalievich, please.

Sergey Vitalievich: Yes, I would like to comment on the discussion a little, and these comments are related to such a wonderful work of the Rosicrucian Marx Handel, this work is called "The Cosmological Concept of Rosicrucian". In this work, Max Handel asks seriously, why a period of silence or a period of Pralaya is necessary. From the point of view of Max Handel, Pralaya is necessary in order to transform all the experience that was accumulated during the Manvantara period. Why? Because experience is primarily a manifestation of the free will of the beings who lived during this period. And as a result, we have such a phenomenon as epiginesis, or you can still call this phenomenon in another word, preformism, that is, it is free will, which consists in the freedom to start something completely new. And here is a brand new, in the period of the Manvantara appears, then this brand new is included in the overall picture, and the next stage of manifestation is when on the basis of the experience of beings inferior indeed the Supreme beings shape a better, more beautiful and more good environment, that is, it turns out that indeed the Will of lower beings is taken into account by the Higher, and this is what happens in the period of Pralaya.

Evgenia Mikhailovna: Thank you very much, Sergey Vitalievich. A fine addition, and there is some statement of this thought. Ritva Lappi, please.

Ritva Lappi: I just want to say something about communication, it's very important. I think there is something in the theosophical society today that we really understand what karma is, but I mean really understand. If you understand it at a deep level, then we need to study absolutely everything. And I think that's the most important thing today, because it's about how we work together, and then we can all be saved together. I thought today and yesterday, and I want to ask, this is one of my long-standing thoughts. But when we say time, and how we use time. There are eighty-four thousand and then we have sixty seconds in a minute. We have then three thousand six hundred seconds, and then eight hundred and sixty thousand seconds. But I think you know what I mean, we have twenty-four hours, and at every moment we have it. And at every moment we really have all these gifts, if we really understand it. And every time it saves our karma, once we learn, then we can learn, and we can spread this information. And this is actually a very important task, this is a very important aspect of theosophy. We don't need dogmas, we need a very deep understanding, and this is just an example of a Buddhist idea. And in fact, the study of the Secret Doctrine is a very difficult task, perhaps it is clearer to you, it is clearer to you, but I thought about it for a long time, I tried to understand, I tried to understand Buddhist ideas. I would like to say this, if someone just understands that we have these minutes, these seconds, we have eighty-four thousand, maybe someone just understands, maybe you want to tell. I also want to thank the translators, you are just beautiful, you have beautiful voices, it's just beautiful to listen to you for two days. And if you can translate, if you can translate my Englishб you're just fine. Thank you very much. That's all I wanted to say,

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: Ritva, dear, thank you very much. Mikhail Nikolaevich, please

Mikhail Nikolaevich: Yes. Dear friends, you know, finally I want to say that all the ongoing trials of humanity, they are of course connected with the new cosmic spatial environment, that new fire rays are coming to the earth, and that the worlds are coming closer, that the planet itself is changing, a new earth and a new sky are being born. But I want to say that we are already living in the aura of the Great Parish. And the Great Parish, the very energy of the Great Parish also generates all the trials. On the one hand, the fire purified the lower strata of the subtle world, the principle of Kama is cleared, and there is a lot of disease processes because of this, due to the fact that just a mass obsession does happen, that was long ago predicted, are these epidemics are of psychic nature. This process is associated with purification and the inevitable evolutionary processes. And I would like to finally remind you of the Bhagavat Gita, which is also connected with the Great Parish. In the fourth book of Bhagavat Gita in the fourth Chapter it is said: "This Imperishable yoga I declared to Vivasvan; Vivasvan told Manu, Manu told Ikshvaku. Thus the Raja-Rishis learned it from one another; but after a long time this yoga was lost. It is this ancient yoga that I now proclaim to you, For you are my friend and bhakta; it is the highest mystery. Arjuna said: You were born later, Vivaswant was born earlier, how can I understand that you informed about it initially? Sri Bhagavan said: I have many past births, and you also, Arjuna, I know them all, but you do not know your own, ascetic. I am the Atman, the Unborn, the Imperishable, I am the Master of beings, and yet, being above my nature, iIam born by my own Maya whenever the Dharma weakens and lawlessness prevails. iIcreate myself, Bharata, for the salvation of the righteous, for the destruction of the wicked, for the establishment of the Law, from age to age I am born."

And I want to remind you that Mahatma Morya belongs to the genus of Ikshvaku, who according to the Vishnu Purana and Matsya Purana is destined after Kali Yuga to restore the Kshatriya solar dynasty, Kshatriyas of ancient times, they were the ancient caste which belonged to Krishna. The power of the coming Kalki Avatar will be spiritual. Finally I’d like to quote the Gospel by John, that in the spirit people are one with their ancestor and follow his path, says this Gospel. Jesus says to him, "Iam the way of true life, no one comes to the Father but through Me. The world will not see Me, but you will see Me, for I live, and so will you. On that day, you will learn that "I am in the Father, you are in Me, and I am in you". With this great unity, this great formula, I want to greet everyone, and welcome our future Fifth Congress. Thanks.

Yevgenia Mikhailovna: Thank you very much. A great addition. Dear Ritva, and you spoke very soulfully. And again, we touched on this global theme of space and time, and yet I think that we will devote the fifth Congress, which will be held in Sochi in 2021, to these topics. We will analyze the fourth Sloka then, and I think that this will be very relevant, and those questions that you asked yourself, Ritva, they can find their manifestation in such a group research work. Ritva Lappi noticed how our translators translate. And when you, Ritva, were translated, I wanted to take the floor and say thank you to our seven translators who are on the air. They are so imbued with this idea, they are so inspired to translate all your words, that it turns out a completely poetic narrative. Many thanks to the translators – Yulia Nikitina, Anna Dove, Olga Isaeva, Tatiana Arzamasova, Maria Ponomareva, Victoria Romanenkova, Yegor Turley. Thank you so much for your inspiration, for your translation, you tried to convey these great symbols, such a subtle and wise sound of the word, through your emotion, and this was felt in every moment of your explanation.

Dear friends, and so, let's sum up. Sloka three, Stanza one.

Note that according to the Planes of Being, Stanza one reflects the identity of the first unmanifested Plane, that is, we are still in the Absolute. Sloka three directs us to the fact that we are on the third plane – the Plane of Mahat. This is the very Mind that can be manifested. One plus three is four, so we are in the form or manifestation of that fourth plane that descends, there is such a word by Helena Petrovna, it descends to the underlying plane and shines.

At this moment, when all this is in potency, there was no Universal Mind, because there was still the Duration of Pralaya, so there was no Ah-Hi, the basis through which it could manifest. And most importantly, there was no Ah-Hee to accommodate this Universal Mind. Only with accommodation could it be manifested, and only with accommodation will it be manifested and will continue, when differentiation begins and of course there is a whole mystery and cosmogony, and an explanation of the Hierarchy of Celestial beings, and there are many of them.

Thank you very much, dear delegates of the Congress. Research Group, thank you very much for your work at the Round Table. Theosophical knowledge enters the world confidently, having a scientific basis, it has the ability to answer any question, explain any phenomenon from a new point of view. This knowledge is given in the Secret Doctrine, which Helena Petrovna dedicated to all true theosophists. We live in a time when the relevance of studying and discussing the Stanzas of the Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky is obvious. Exploring the scientific fundamental work The Secret Doctrine, we affirm the name of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, and recognize Her invaluable contribution to the development of world science and culture. Today, each of the participants contributed to the recognition of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. And thank you all very much!