For all those who study and are interested in the Theosophical works of H. P. Blavatsky!

English-Russian translators work for Russian and foreign students.

Study of the 1nd Stanza, the 1st Sloka of the Secret Doctrine by HPB "The Pre-eternal Mother-Giving-Birth once again slumbered in the continuation of Seven Eternities”, is presented by:

  • Pablo Sender - Doctor of biological sciences, Theosophical society of Argentina,
  • U.S. Pandey - international speaker of the Theosophical Society of India,
  • Ritva Lappi - Theosophical society of Finland,
  • Luke Michael Ironside - Theosophical society of the Philippines.


  • Vladimir Yaryi — the Theosophical Society of Russia (Moscow)
  • Evgeniya Shaboornikova — the Theosophical Society of Russia (Moscow)
  • Un-Hak Hwang - doctor of philosophy, Professor at the School of art (South Korea)
  • Taposhri Ganguli - member of the London Theosophical society, Doctor of statistical Sciences (UK)
  • Arni Narendran - Theosophical society of India, Blavatsky Lodge (Mumbai, India)
  • Annie Kelly - Theosophical society of England (UK)
  • Sergey Roshchupkin - doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor of the Higher school of engineering and physics, Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  • Sergey Kolganov - candidate of philosophy, Department of Moscow Aircraft Institute (Russia, Moscow)

The next seminar is devoted to the study and research of the I Stanza, II Sloka of the I volume of the "Secret Doctrine" by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

We ARE WAITING for you on January 30 at 15 o'clock. (Moscow time) on zoom platform.

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