A beautiful place like many others in such an iconic place, as the Altai Mountains. The Seminar brought together participants from different cities of Russia – Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Barnaul, Kansk, Murom, etc, about 60 people interested in self-development.
The seminar was part of a tourist trip to Belukha, during which we spent 2 days in the village of Souzga in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The speaker of the Seminar, Vladimir V. Yaryi (President of the Lodge "Adamant" of the Theosophical society of Russia, head of the Moscow School of Theosophy), spoke on the topic "Evolution of consciousness. Time for collaboration."

The Vice-President of the Blavatsky Lodge, Lyudmila Razuvaeva, in her welcome speech introduced the participants to the activities of the School of Theosophy under the leadership of Vladimir Anatolyevich Bakanov, to the speakers of the seminar and told about the main stages of the Teaching.

In the conversation, Vladimir Vasilyevich introduced the audience to aspects of the quality of Time, Nidans, the relationship between Cosmos, Nature and Man, touched on such important concepts as the Heart, Meditation, the symbolism of the Secret Doctrine, etc. Many people were interested in questions related to personal development, self-improvement, stages of development of consciousness, types of spiritual accumulations, whether there are ready-made formulas of the Teaching, how to become a healthy person, and many others.

The introduction to the Teachings of the Mahatmas, the Teachers of Humanity, the cycles of Time, Karma, Hierarchy, and the Wheel of Kalachakra was for some persons for the first time, but despite the complexity of the terms, a heartfelt conversation with the participants of the seminar took place in a simple form.

The seminar was continued by Evgenia Shaburnikova (the Coordinator of the projects of Theosophy), presenting the Theosophical material on the Planes of Existence, on sevenfoldness, on the symbolism of the rays, about suffering and its cessation, on creativity and Nature, about a unique 2020 – the year of the White Mouse, about the Culture.

It often happens that after the Seminar, the participants do not leave for a long time, and this time the Seminar also aroused great interest. In private conversations, many people shared their life problems, asked questions about raising children, some of them were interested in the Energies and Principles of the Kalachakra Calendar, and asked for advice on what the Teaching recommends in certain situations of our life.

At the end, Lyudmila Razuvayeva thanked the speakers of the seminar and handed over commemorative books and Souvenirs.

The evening symbolic bonfire brought all the participants of the Seminar together once again, and the conversations continued until very late in the evening. The inviting party prepared various rituals: walking on burning coals, throwing twigs into the fire as a symbol of stopping bad thoughts, etc.

Many thanks to the "Lodge of Blavatsky" and the organizers of the seminar for the opportunity to communicate!

Our path lay further, to the goal of our journey – to Belukha.

This is the last point: Tungur and Kucherla are small villages where roads stop, and you have to walk almost 50 km to Belukha.
First day: through the Pass the Spirit – Kuzuyak. A heavy trail and ascent, and the first halt which is called "Three birches"... The next morning is sunny, nothing foretells a thunderstorm, and our path lies along the Akkem river – ascents, descents, mountain “presses”, sharp stones, boulders and powerful roots of cedars on the trail, to overcome this path with backpacks is not easy.

And now we are at the tourist camp at the waterfall Tekelu, a beautiful place where you can already see the peaks of Belukha. The Tekelu waterfall merges at this point with the Akkem river, which originates from the Belukha glacier. Father Akkem – BELOVODYE – powerful streams of falling water, and the power of this element fascinates...

It's already colder here than in the lowlands... the landscape is changing, there are only dwarf birches...
Overnight is on the roots of cedars in a tent, morning preparations, packing our rucksacks and – on the way! BELUKHA is waiting for us!

The weather is changing ...thunder, rain, thunderstorm... it is not easy in the rain on the rocks... many obstacles are on the way – bridges (a couple of lying logs) through stormy mountain rivers and waterfalls, narrow paths press right up to Akkem..

And at last... We came to the weather station...

We are on BELUKHA! As Vladimir Anatolyevich Bakanov said: "Here we are at home!"

Rest, adaptation... and in a day our way lies to Seven lakes, the height of the Belukha glacier. The trail goes sharply up the waterfall, cedars, snow peaks, glaciers and beautiful Seven lakes among the rocks and mountain peaks.

After the first lake – to the next, on the way we were caught by a blizzard... What happiness it is to walk like this through wind, storm and rain... This joy of passing in the mountains cannot be compared to anything!

And now, during the approach to the seventh lake, as it often happens in the mountains – an unexpected sun, the clouds left the sky, and the snowfields shone in all their glory!

In the past years, on the trail to the Seven lakes, we met badgers, huge as big dogs, red. They live in rocks and feed on roots. We were just passing their burrows and we heard their hum: they talked to each other. Seeing them is a rare piece of luck. This time it was a bad weather, and there was no hope of seeing them. What a surprise it was when on the way back we met the wonderful inhabitants of the Seven lakes, badgers! The sun, which appeared for a moment, attracted them and they came out of their holes to bask on the rocks. We passed very close: beautiful, red, with black faces – it was a real gift from the Spirit of the Seven Lakes!

We return to the base, tired and happy...

And once again Belukha pleased us on July 24 – the day of the Lord, the sunniest and most shining! Belukha is completely open!
Of course, the traditional bathing in the waters of Akkem (water 3 degrees), a bath...and even a spontaneous concert with the owner of the weather station Tatyana... this is an unusual story with us for the first time!

And now it's time to saddle the horses with the cargo to Kucherla and collect backpacks... Return trip in bad weather, ...rain, wind, unbearable pain... blurred trails, knee-deep mud... a hard road...

And here we are on the "Three birches"! The feeling that we are from another world – even here, it is a lowland...
This feeling after returning from Belukha will not leave us for a long time, the feeling of proximity to ANOTHER WORLD! Travel, friends!

July, August 2020