the Practice of Theosophy

Theosophical seminars are already becoming a good tradition. The great interest of the seminar participants in theosophical topics indicates that Theosophy is becoming an actual and necessary factor in the life of every person. The seminar attracted great attention, both among foreign and Russian theosophists and those who are interested in Theosophy.

214 participants were connected to the online broadcast: members of the Lodges of the Theosophical society of Russia - Lodge "Light of Truth", Lodge "Anahata", Lodge "Garuda", Lodge "Om - Tara", Lodge "Blavatsky", Lodge "Adamant", theosophists and Theosophical community from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kemerovo, Omsk, Voronezh, Saratov, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Belgorod, Sochi, Smolensk, Yaroslavl, Altai, Karelia and many other regions of the Russian Federation.

There were foreign participants of the Seminar – from France, the USA, Australia, Great Britain, Philippines, Singapore, India, Netherlands, Nigeria, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Estonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Germany, Morocco, Indonesia, Greece, etc.

2020 06 18 v2

The Seminarwas opened by

Vladimir Yary (Theosophical society of Russia, President of the Lodge "Adamant", Moscow)
He presented this topic from the point of view of cognition of theosophy, told about the main Principles and Nidans, energy and thought of the day, meditative practice, the Plans of Being in accordance with the awareness of what is practical theosophy.

U. S. Pandey (International speaker of the Theosophical society, National lecturer of the Indian section, President of the Uttar Pradesh and Uttahkaranda Federation, India)
spoke about the joy of Service, the path of growth, how to drop the personal in order to become impersonal. He introduced participants to the Doctrine of the Heart.

Annie Kelly (Theosophical society of England, Great Britain)
told about her personal history, life experience and revealed the concept of " THEOSOPHY as lifestyle", the report was accompanied by slides in English and Russian.

Ramprakash M. L. (United Theosophical Lodge Of India. Bangalore)
told about the five Messages of H. P. Blavatsky, about the importance of asceticism and cooperation.

Vicente Hao Chin (Theosophical society in the Philippines)
presented a report on applied Theosophy, on the need to participate in public life, shared his experience of organizing Theosophical activities in social life, the story was accompanied by slides in English and Russian.

Luke Michael Ironside (Theosophical society of the Philippines (Morocco)
presented his report on Karma in practical application, on the universal law of Newton in its application to theosophy, answered the question “What is randomness and regularity?”, the report was accompanied by slides in English and Russian.

Evgenia Shabournikova (Theosophical society of Russia, Vice-President of the Lodge "Adamant", Moscow)
revealed the concept of theosophy practice in the aspect of synthesis, the Union of opposites, the disappearance of paradoxes, the emergence of understanding of Truth – which all are knowledge or practice, the report was accompanied by the slides on the theme of symbolism from the Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky in Russian and English.

The topic "the Practice of theosophy" was covered by the speakers from different aspects, but everybody came to the conclusion that theosophy in its practical application should develop in all spheres of society's life.

The seminar was ended with a short story about the experience of Russian Theosophists in practical interaction with different spheres of society through the integration of Theosophy. A joint video presentation took place – about the work of the International Theosophical Congress in St. Petersburg and about the social projects that were implemented for the first time.

The organizers of the Seminar expressed their gratitude to all the speakers for presenting their research, to the participants who were grateful listeners, to the translators Olga Isayeva and Areg Mekhakyan, and to the technical supporters of the Seminar.

Participants of the Seminar exchanged greetings and congratulations in a General chat, words of gratitude and admiration for everything that was happening, expressed sincere good wishes to the organizers and speakers about the opportunity to cooperate and be together!

From reviews:

"Many thanks to your Lodge “Adamant” for organizing such a wonderful event, the topic was so relevant that each of us Theosophists studied. I learned a lot myself and took numerous notes during presentations. I bless you all! (Theosophical society, Queensland, Australia)

"The seminar was very good - everyone made a very good contribution. You are doing a great job of reviving theosophy in the country of its founder. Divine blessings to both of you. It was a 360 percent view of Theosophy in practice - thanks to the organizers for their meticulous mission." (Arni Narendran, Blavatsky Lodge, India)

"I am so touched to see your video about the Congress! I have tears in my eyes, you are doing such a wonderful job!» (Esther Pockrandt )

"Thank you all. It was a rich experience of mutual exchange of ideas" (Theosophical society of India, U. S. Pandey)

"Thank you! Such conferences and united work for the good of the cause must undoubtedly bring about a change in racial consciousness through the dissemination of Theosophical ideas and influence.
I am very glad that the Russian TS has been preserved in the pure stream of Theosophy and is doing such a wonderful job. h in the years to come this will inspire the younger generation to continue working along the lines drawn by the Great Teachers. Thank you and my best wishes and good luck! (Ramprakash M. L.United Lodge of Theosophists of India, Bangalore)

"It’s the right choice of topics for the Seminar and for the beginning of international cooperation. This is a breakthrough and an exit to a new level of evolutionary development. Let the clarity of the speech of Russian Theosophists be a great opportunity for foreign colleagues to gain new knowledge!» (Moscow School of Theosophy)

See you on June 28 at 11 o'clock AM. (Moscow time).

The topic of the online Seminar "Meditation – scientific and practical understanding”.

Light and Love to everybody!