Speaker-head of the School of theosophy in Moscow, member of the Theosophical society (Adyar), President of the Lodge "Adamant" Vladimir V. Yary.
Many people were waiting for the seminar, which has already become a tradition for Voronezh, showing great interest in the topics presented.

The workshop brought together participants from different cities: Voronezh, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tambov, Rostov-on-Don, Borshevo, Belgorod, Karelia.
Greetings were received from Saratov, Kirov, Moldova, Biysk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Belokurikha, etc.

From the greetings received:

Altai Public Organization "Belovodye": "We wish all participants of the seminar to get an impulse for new beginnings and fruitful work on the works of H. P. Blavatsky (Secret Doctrine), E. I. Roerich (Agni Yoga), the Kalachakra Teachings, issued for modern humanity by Great Teachers, as a UNIFIED TEACHING, as a synthesis of Wisdom and Method, as a theory and practice of applying the Laws of the Universe to life! Our unity in concrete actions for the Common Good is the way to the Truth!»

At the School-seminar, the topics were revealed and highlighted: "Unified Teaching of the Mahatmas", "Unique year 2020", "Cosmogenesis, Anthropogenesis, Theogenesis". There were a lot of questions from participants: "how does psychic energy work", "can I get rid of karma", "how does sense-awareness manifest in ordinary life" , "about the beginning of a new era", "about the 6th race" and others. Presentation of the 2nd book by the student of Yu. N. Roerich, a famous tibetologist V. S. Dylykov-Parfianovich the "Kalachakra Tantra."

At the end of the first day, participants from Saint Petersburg, Moscow and other cities took a short tour of the sights of Voronezh, and the rain did not prevent this acquaintance and warm communication.

The second day covered the following topics: "Heart-energy generator", "Symbolism of the Secret Doctrine", "What is Fear", "Aspects of the Kalachakra calendar", "Plans of Existence", "Age psychology".

During the days of the seminar, two Round tables were held: "System and methods of applying the Teachings of the Mahatmas", "Bases and methods of group study of the Secret Doctrine, Agni Yoga, Kalachakra".

The live broadcast allowed participants who could not come to Voronezh to ask questions and learn answers during the Seminar.
More than 1,300 people watched the live broadcast of the Seminar.

From participants' reviews:

"Many thanks to you, dear hosts of the seminar and its organizers, who allowed us to touch the most important issues of our Life on the eve of the Teacher's Day, and gave the participants a truly holiday of Light, a celebration of Love, Knowledge, and Beauty. Thank you for your unselfish work, for enlightening both in theory and in practice with the thoughts expressed in the Secret Doctrine and Agni Yoga and having been passed through Your heart. All the best to You! With appreciation", Yarmanova Valeria, Voronezh.

"The seminar pleases the heart. Thank you very much! For me, the seminar is a mirror in which I saw and heard, felt that I didn't know anything… I start learning again", S. N. Maximov, Saint Petersburg.

"Thanks to you, Evgenia Mikhailovna and Vladimir Vasilievich for the seminar!
As always, there is a lot of New things for me, I would like to comprehend everything I heard and realize. Colleagues! Being resent in the living - it triples the hearing, vision and reveals one’s own ignorance. I recommend to visit!
The atmosphere is indescribable joy, but with a lot of tension, but on one single breath", A. H. Ispolatov, Moscow.

"Many thanks to the organizers of the School-Seminar "Unified Evolution of Consciousness"! Very kind, warm and bright seminar. The time passed quickly. Speakers are professionals who are in love with their work, infecting others with their love and interest. I left filled, strong, balanced, and motivated. It was interesting and informative. It is live communication and discussion, the ability to listen to anyone and discuss their point of view that is of great importance and distinguishes your workshop from others. Thank you for the unusual atmosphere and the opportunity to think creatively on complex topics. Many aspects of the lectures provided food for thought. The seminar was an incentive for a new stage of my spiritual life." E. G. Timashevskaya Voronezh

"Giving Knowledge is the most important Feat of Building a New World! Vladimir Vasilyevich - Light Bearer. You can see and Feel His Connection with the Highest, the depth of Knowledge and High Psychic Energy. I Express my Heartfelt Gratitude to Vladimir Vasilievich and Yevgenia Mikhailovna and to all those who help the Common work! And I urge listeners to unite and become Builders of Life - a New World!"
With Love of the Heart, Dmitry Dmitrienko, Karelia.

The organizers express their gratitude to all participants of the Seminar for their fruitful work and cooperation!
Thanks a lot to the social partners of the cultural center "Peacemaking", all employees and to its head D. I. Dmitrienko for their help in organizing and conducting the Seminar.

See you again, dear friends!

March 21, 22, 2020 Russia. Voronezh

Video of the Theosophical Seminar in Voronezh (2020). Moscow school of theosoph.

LIVE BROADCAST of the School-seminar "unified evolution of consciousness" Russia. Voronezh. March 21, 22, 2020.

First day

The first day (21.03.2020) of The school-seminar "unified evolution of consciousness". Topics were revealed and highlighted: "Unified Teaching of the Mahatmas", "Unique year 2020", "Cosmogenesis, Anthropogenesis, Theogenesis". A lot of questions from seminar participants: "how does psychic energy" , "can I be freed from karma", "how does the knowledge in everyday life" , "the beginning of a new era", "6 race" and many others.

Video: Second day

The second day of the School-seminar (22.03.2020) was no less intense and intense than the first. Topics covered: "Heart", "Symbolism of the Secret Doctrine", "what is fear", "Space, Nature, Man", "Aspects of the Kalachakra calendar" and others. The second day was completed with a Round table, answers to questions from the participants of the seminar and live chat.

Video: Speech by E. M. Shaburnikova the "Heart — generator of energy". School-seminar "unified evolution of consciousness". Voronezh/ March 22, 22/2020