The Interregional Theosophical Seminars in Russia, project continued during the New Year holidays, in the early days of the New Year 2020 in Yaroslavl.

Yaroslavl is a city with a thousand-year history, founded on January 2, 1010, in 2005 received the status of the historical heritage of mankind and entered the UNESCO list. The peak of Yaroslavl's heyday occurred in the XVII century, it was then that the architectural monuments that the city is famous for were created. The Transfiguration Monastery, the chapel of Our Lady of Kazan, the monument to Yaroslav the Wise, the beautiful embankment of the Volga River, the Kremlin, monasteries, churches, churches, chapels, the famous bench of reconciliation near the monument to Peter and Fevronie, the bench was created for those who are in a quarrel with their friend or soul mate, but wants to make peace, the people sitting on it slowly slide to the center and connect))) ... and of course the symbol of the city, embodied in the coat of arms of the "black bear".

We were pleased to visit the sights of the historic city center, walking along the snowy streets, we saw that the Banner of Peace, the symbol of the Roerich Pact, was raised above the State Museum of the City History, which caused true admiration.

New Year's sparkling lights, a lot of snow, which is so lacking in Moscow, all this created a cosiness, a special mood and disposed to communication.
On January 3 and 4, the seminar "The Unified Evolution of Consciousness" was held. The seminar was led by the head of the Moscow School of Theosophy, the president of the Adamant Lodge, Vladimir Yariy. Yaroslavl people came to the event who became interested in the activities of the Theosophical Society in Russia, Theosophy, and the teachings of H.P. Blavatsky and the Roerich family. There were many questions about the symbols and concepts of the Secret Doctrine, the practical application of the Doctrine, personal questions related to the application of the Doctrine to life, about Buddhism, the Mahatmas of humanity, cycles and time, about the cause and effect relationship, Nidan, the Kalachakra calendar.

Of great interest was the presentation about Adyar, a story about the Theosophical society, about the sights of the headquarters of TS Adyar. Presentation on the scientific publication of the book by V.S. Dylykova - Parfionovich “Kalachakra Tantra”, transcripts of the sacred texts of the Buddhist Canon, about the Congress in St. Petersburg, about Contests and projects.

Such conversations created a special working atmosphere, in the course of the meeting, complex and deep theosophical concepts were revealed in a new way, new thoughts and new discoveries arose, which means that the Seminar not only took place, but also fulfilled its main task - COOPERATION, love of Truth, interest of participants to the works of H.P. Blavatsky, above all to the Secret Doctrine. We were escorted with gratitude and friendly hugs, with hope for further meetings, conversations, and the possibility of further cooperation. Such meetings always grow into something more than just participation in the event, into sincere open trusting relationships, which means friendship and cooperation!

We are very grateful for the help in organizing the seminar to the staff of the Dobrolyubovo Palace of Culture and the Center for Creative Space "MOST" in the city of Yaroslavl.

On the way home, I managed to visit the village of Varnitsa, the home of Sergei Radonezh. The very beautiful Trinity-Sergiev Varnitsky Monastery complemented our short trip with a state of solemnity of belonging to the great Russian culture.

We returned to Moscow inspired by meetings, conversations and new friends.

January 3-4, 2020, Yaroslavl