It has already become a good tradition of the Theosophical School to hold seminars during the summer holidays. This summer, our route is Moscow–Gornoaltaysk–Belukha. Our colleagues from the "Lodge of Blavatsky" in Kemerovo offered to hold a Seminar in the Gorno-Altaisk district in the village Souzga.

Елена Петровна Блаватская.

Happy birthday to Elena Petrovna Blavatsky! Gratitude to the great Russian Woman who brought Knowledge to the World!


Vladimir V. Yaryi — Head of the Moscow School of theosophy, member of the TO (Adyar), President of the Lodge "Adamant" ,
Evgenia Mikhailovna Shaburnikova — project coordinator of the Foundation for the promotion of socially significant and educational activities "THEOSOPHY"

Медитация – научное и практическое понимание

Theosophical seminars are becoming relevant and in demand not only by Theosophists of different countries, but also by all who are interested in the development of consciousness.
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Семинар по теософии

Dear friends!
We invite you to an ONLINE Seminar with the participation of Russian and foreign Theosophists on June 28 at 11 o'clock AM. (Moscow time).
Topic "Meditation - scientific and practical understanding"