The full version of the VIDEO of the International Theosophical Relay Race "WHITE LOTUS" under the Banner of Peace.

AN HOUR TOGETHER on May 8, on the day of the Memory of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Russian and foreign theosophists, scientists, and public organizations convey the words of veneration. This interaction experience was undertaken for the first time in the world.

Greetings from the members of the Lodges of the Theosophical Society of Russia: "Garuda", "Light of Truth", "Satya Vedana", "Sofia", "Blavatsky Lodge", "Renaissance", "Adamant", "Om-Tara","Anahata", Theosophical Society of the USA, Greece, Great Britain, Philippines, India, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Pakistan,New Zealand, France, Finland, Spain, scientists from Russia, South Korea, England, the European School of Theosophy, the Virtual Center for Theosophical Studies (Adyar), the International Association "Peace through Culture".

The tradition of cooperation is established. See you in 2022!




It was such an Honorable Tribute to Madam Blavatsky- with Theosophists from around the World gathered under the Adamant Lodge – platform of Russia

Let me sincerely thank you for the excellent White Lotus relay race. At a time when there is a terrible discord in the world, and contradictions are growing between countries and within countries, you have managed to gather theosophists from different countries under the Banner of Peace. Undoubtedly, this will be of great importance for the purification of Space and the evolutionary advancement of humanity no matter what. Even technically, putting together such an online conference was a very difficult task, and your team coped with it brilliantly, everything went smoothly. Thank you again to you and your team.

What a wonderful and sacred gathering! A big heartfelt thank you for having this splendid session on behalf of HPB's passing on her special day 8th May. It was a higher experience joining you and all dear Theosophical friends from many parts of the world. There was indeed during the session...a palpable unity and 'something other'.The closing song in Russian with the wonderful pictures of HPB and the beautiful uplifting skies helped to transport us all to another realm. Keep up your excellent Theosophical work. We all in spirit are with you all the way.Take care & infinite blessings

This is absolutely beautiful and so well done. Thank you for all you are and do for the modern Theosophical movement ~ and for all beings.All my love, Always.

Thanks for inviting in the programme. With best wishes and kind regards. The programme was very nice. Kindly say our sincere thanks to the interpreters

Thank you very much for this wonderful event. Thank you for inviting me to participate in this sacred act. You've organized everything perfectly.Best wishes to all of you, your work is an example for all theosophists

Thank you so much for this wonderful morning! A perfect translation of all the greetings and such warm words of homage to HPB ! We are glad that Russia is launching such important projects! A sense of unity with you with everyone and with the whole world!

Happy White Lotus Day! The Theosophical Relay Race is beautifully organized! I really liked it. It is encouraging to see that interest in HPB is growing in the country of her birth. I wish you freedom and peace as you unlock the potential of the coming universal brotherhood.

Thank you so much for such an uplifting and inspiring meeting! The speakers were deeply moving in their compassion for Theosophy and their dedication to HPB. I'm sure that she and the Great Ones were smiling... Keep up the good work and keep sharing the good news of Brotherhood and Truth.

A wonderful project that inspires and connects all the theosophists of the world! Thank you very much for the opportunity to see and hear theosophists from different countries of the world and Russia. We will definitely participate in such very important theosophical projects! Until the next sacred meetings for the sake of our beloved HPB!