ОНЛАЙН Семинар по теософии

Topic "The Practice of Theosophy"


  • Vicente Hao Chin - Theosophical society in the Philippines
  • Vladimir Yary - Theosophical society of Russia (Moscow)
  • Anne Kelly - Theosophical society of England (Great Britain)
  • Erika Georgiadis - European school of theosophy (Greece)
  • Luke Michael Ironside - Theosophical society in the Philippines (Morocco)
  • U. S. Pandey - International speaker of the Theosophical society, National lecturer of the Indian section (India)
  • Evgenia Shaburnikova - Theosophical society of Russia (Moscow)

2020 06 06 v1

Everyone can join the meeting on the zoom platform
Russian / English simultaneous translation is available for foreign participants.

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We are WAITING for you on June 14 at 11 o'clock AM (Moscow time)

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