Ульянова Ольга

Ulyanova Olga Yurievna (Russia, Moscow region, Noginsk).
Olga was born on January 22, 1989 in the city of Elektrostal. Since childhood, she loved to draw, studied at the art department of the gymnasium, which she graduated with honors.

In 2010 she graduated om the Elektrostal College with a degree in Architecture, in 2015 om the Faculty of Environmental Design of the New Humanities Institute. During her studies, she worked as an artist for painting collectible toys, engaged in stained glass painting. Currently works as a teacher of fine arts at the private school "Hoklive" in Moscow. In parallel, Olga is developing as an artist, being a certified participant in international, youth exhibitions and competitions.

The basis of her worldview is the work of the Roerich family and the book of Living Ethics. Through her paintings, she learns about herself.

Olga says: "My daily creative thought is to let Truth, Beauty and Knowledge reign in the world. May the world be well!"



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