Ксения Сергеева

Ksenia Sergeeva is 21 years old, Yekaterinburg.

Born on August 23, 2000. Since childhood, she was fond of painting, mainly the image of horses. Currently, she is a student of the Ural Architectural University (Yekaterinburg), where she studies monumental art, artistic design.

Actively participates in art exhibitions and international competitions. In addition to studying, she creates paintings. Often the inspiration for the paintings are the plots present in the works of N. K. Roerich, A. Durer, the works of E.I. Roerich and E. P. Blavatsky. Dystopias are my favorite genre of books and movies, my favorite band is Enigma. But most of all I am concerned about everything related to the Roerichs family.