Вилена Санджеевна Дылыкова-Парфионович.

IV INTERNATIONAL THEOSOPHICAL CONGRESS dedicated to the 145th anniversary of the foundation of the Theosophical society. Russia, Voronezh 21, 22 November 2020

The Congress program includes a presentation of the third book "Kalachakra Tantra" by V.S. Dylykhova-Parfionovich — a unique translation of sacred Tibetan texts, for the first time in Russian.
Published with the blessing of His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV.

Translations from the Tibetan texts of the Kalachakra teachings are directly related to astronomy, physics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, astrology, and other ancient sciences. The books "Kalachakra Tantra" are addressed to all those who seek to expand consciousness, comprehend the past and future paths of humanity, and synthesize a religious-mystical, philosophical and scientific approach to the knowledge of the World

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting with V. S. Dylykova-Parfionowich in Voronezh 21, 22 November!

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