Within the framework of the III International Theosophical Congress, the Round Table "SECRET DOCTRINE - Book of the Third Millennium" was held.

The round table was opened by the honorary guest of the Congress, Candidate of Philological Sciences V.S. Dylykova-Parfionovich. Speaker Vladimir Vasilievich Yary - Member of TO (Adyar), head of the Moscow School of Theosophy. Discussion of the "Secret Doctrine" Volume I, Stanza Dzyan I, Sloka II.

Participants of the Round Table: Candidate of Philosophical Sciences Kolganov Sergey Vitalievich, member of TO (Adyar) TS of Finland "Blavatsky's Lodge" Ritva Lappi Helena, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Higher Engineering Physics School of SPbPU Roshchupkin Sergey Pavlovich, member of TO (Adyar) , President of the Anahata Lodge Konstantin Alekseevich Zaitsev, researcher of the history of medieval Indian mathematics Khmurkin Georgy Georgievich, and others.


"Round table" - full printed version