"Evolution of human consciousness" - Levintova Elena Anatolievna, candidate of technical Sciences (St. Petersburg).

"Secret Doctrine as the basis of a new worldview" - Dashkovsky Georgy Abramovich, a member of to (Adyar), "Blavatsky Lodge" (Kemerovo).

"Theosophy as a means to change the world" - Isis Resende, member of TO (Adyar), President of the inter-American Theosophical Federation (Rio de Janeiro)

"Three of the Fundamental provisions of "the Secret Doctrine" - Shaburnikova Evgenia Mihaylovna, a member of the (Adyar), the Lodge "adamant" (Moscow).

"Intimate Knowledge and basic concepts of the New Science, opening the way to them" - Sykov Valer Ivanovich, researcher of esoteric works, (Tver).

"Paramitas" - Mezinova Lubov Nikolaevna, a member of the (Adyar), (Nizhny Novgorod).

"Numerical Pythagorean archetypes in contemporary philosophical and psychological texts" - Cherneevsky Alexey Petrovich, candidate of philosophical Sciences, master of religious studies St. Petersburg state University (Saint - Petersburg).

"Formation of the Theosophical worldview" - Nadezhkina Irina Anatolievna, member of the TO (Adyar), (Tomsk region, Kolpashevo).

"The secret Doctrine — the practice of meditation is Liberation" - an Outspoken Yary Vladimir Vasilyevich, a member of the (Adyar), the Lodge "adamant" (Moscow).

Round table. (Part 1) "the Secret Doctrine - Book of the III Millennium" Opens V. S. Dylykova

Round table. (Part 2) " the Secret Doctrine-Book III-its Millennium"

Round table. (Part 3) " the Secret Doctrine-Book III-its Millennium"

Щербинина Марианна. Дрдля Фриц, Фантазия на тему из оперы "Кармен"

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