International Theosophical Congress 2018. Opening of the Congress

Greetings from Russian and foreign Theosophists

Performance "TRIO" Kozyrev A. (violin) Shestakova E. (cello) Kustova A. (piano)h3>

Initial inspiration for the creation of the Theosophical Society Isis Resende

The secret doctrine and the modern scientific community.- Cherneevsky A.P. (User story)

The significance of the work of HP Blavatsky "The Secret Doctrine" - Ritva Lappi Helena (User story)

Life Science of Blavatsky - Vladimir Afanasievich Mishin (User story)

The one that brought us the Light - Lyubov Nikolaevna Mezinova (user story)

The system of studying the Secret Doctrine as the basis of the world outlook of a new society - G.Dashkovsky

Secret Doctrine - a synthesis of philosophy, science, religion - Nadezhkina Irina Anatolievna (user story)

The Hymn of the Secret Doctrine of Blavatsky - EA Levintova

The need to study the Secret Doctrine by members of the Theosophical Society - Vladimir Vasilyevich Iry

Kosulnikova Shura - Kreisler, Prelude; Bach, Aria from the orchestral suite

Divine Mind and its genesis in the light of occult philosophy - Kiselev D.А.

The presentation of the book - "KALACHAKRA-TANTRA" (Part 1). Dylykova Velena Sandzheevna

The presentation of the book - "KALACHAKRA-TANTRA" (Part 2). Dylykova Velena Sandzheevna

The presentation of the book - "KALACHAKRA-TANTRA" (QUESTIONS). Dylykova Velena Sandzheevna