"Society is a set of stones that would collapse if one did not support the other"


Every organization, every corporation,
whose activity does not contradict the main principles of theosophy,
can join activities of
the Foundation for the Support and Development of THEOSOPHY,
becoming a Partner of the Fund.

You can become a Partner of the Fund:

  • Providing financial assistance on an ongoing basis (compensating for the costs of carrying out activities in the framework of the implementation of the statutory activities of the Fund, etc.);

  • Providing material assistance in the form of gratuitous provision of goods and services for the implementation of the Fund’s statutory activities (providing equipment and materials for the implementation of a specific project of the Fund; providing professional, consulting and other support to the Fund, etc.);

  • Assisting in the implementation of projects of the Fund, including in the form of direct participation in organizing and conducting activities of the Fund;

  • Disseminating information about the activities and achievements of the Fund;

  • on the assistance that the Fund needs (including by posting information on the organization’s Internet resources, the Fund’s banner / logo, information on partnership with the Fund);

  • By collecting donations to the Foundation (by placing donation boxes in your office space; setting up stands with social advertising about the Foundation on your territory, etc.);

  • Cooperating with the Fund in other forms that do not contradict the Charter of the Fund.

Affiliate status is assigned

"Partner of the Foundation for the Support and Development of the Theosophy"
with the issuance of a Partnership Certificate.

The decision to assign a Partner’s status and issue a Certificate is made by the Fund’s Board of Trustees.

We value our Partners and build our cooperation on the principles of honesty, transparency and respect.

The Fund guarantees full compliance with all obligations under all conditions of cooperation.

We are grateful to each of our Partners for the non-indifference and trust in the activities of the Fund.